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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:14:53

Joumou Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

We satisfy customer needs with various kinds of thermal treatment.

Our company is expanding its metal thermal treatment business. We provide thermal treatment for automobile parts and various other parts. Our company has been accumulating expertise and experience about thermal treatment since 1959. We handle carburization quenching and tempering, quenching and tempering, thermal refining, and non-oxidizing annealing, as well as ordinary annealing and shot processing. We apply these various kinds of thermal treatment to provide solutions that satisfy customer needs. Our daily processing capacity is 40 tons. We manage production processes under our unique computer system. We are promoting mechanical conveyance, automation, and continuous processing to save labor and enable high-quality, low-cost manufacturing.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has been building up technologies for more than half a century. Our unique advantage based on our accumulated technology is in our various kinds of metal thermal treatment. We handle thermal treatment including carburization quenching and tempering, quenching and tempering, thermal refining, and non-oxidizing annealing, as well as ordinary annealing and shot processing. Metal thermal treatment is highly critical in terms of security. We are always working hard to achieve high quality at low cost to satisfy customer needs.

[Business description]
Our company provides metal thermal treatment. We conduct thermal treatment for automobile parts and other parts in various fields. Our main treatment types are ordinary annealing and shot processing, such as carburization quenching and tempering, quenching and tempering, thermal refining, and non-oxidizing annealing. Our processing capacity is 40 tons per day. We employ a self-developed computer system for complete management of lot production and treatment processes for input products. We also comply with ISO standards. We have implemented low-cost, high-quality processing with our labor-saving efforts, such as mechanical conveyance, automation, and continuous processing.

Metal thermal treatment

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our technical advantage is in the series of processing technologies including annealing and shot processing for steering joint yokes. Conducting annealing and shot processing in separate places used to require extra time and worker hours for transfer and waste involving work in process. We aimed to solved these issues by implementing a machine for automatic workpiece input to the annealing process by using magnetic power. We then connected an automatic timer-based machine for shot processing linked with the processing time for the annealing process. This is how we were able to successfully automate this series of processes.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been engaged in metal thermal treatment since our establishment. We will proactively improve the technologies we have been accumulating for many years. We will continue our constant efforts to grow from a being Gunma Prefecture manufacturing company to a metal thermal treatment expert appreciated both in Japan and around the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are aiming at proactive sales channel expansion from our conventional industries and fields to a wide range of other industries and fields. We will continue the steady, constant growth of our company’s overall strength by improving the manufacturing technology of our manufacturing division and the sales power of our sales division.

[Market share/Ranking]
We judge from our past deliveries that we seem to have a certain market share.

[Awards and media coverage]
Gunma Prefecture One Company, One Technology certification.


ISO 9001.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
NSK Ltd., Fuji Seira Co., Ltd., Maki Kikai Inc., Sato Rashi Corporation, Starting Industrial Co., Ltd., Toho Zinc Co., Ltd., Aihara Seibyo Co., Ltd., Oriental Engineering Co., Ltd., Koitabashi Sangyo Co., Ltd., Mogi Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Wahnatech Co., Ltd., ERG Co., Ltd., and so on. (More than 70 companies in total.)

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