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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:32

Continental Ltd.

Realizing “Monozukuri craftsmanship that makes 'only one in the world' every day.”

Our company is a sheet metal processor. “Cut and bend iron, then join and assemble.” Through this process, we attempt to perform all possible tasks with steel sheets. We have been focusing on various types of low-volume high-mix production, particularly "one-of-a-kind items," since our founding, and we strive to improve sheet-metal processing technology. We have established our own production systems with the advanced technology of craftsmen as well as the latest equipment and IT devices and have realized the Monozukuri craftsmanship that makes "only one in the world" every day.

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Corporate strengths and business content
Corporate strengths
Our company’s production system is for low-volume high-mix production, and we produce 3000–4000 different kinds of products every month. Our minimum lot size starts at one piece per design. Despite providing low-volume high-mix production, we are also able to offer short turnaround times, and we use IT to manage progress and perform process management in real time.  Furthermore, we value the attitude of “we make anything that can be made with sheet metal,” and in recent years, we have developed our sheet metal processing techniques by “Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation” and “Monozukuri craftsmanship subsidy business,” and we strive to produce ultra-high vacuum chambers.
Business content
Manufacture of products using steel sheets. Made-to-order production of sheet metal parts, including machine tool exterior parts, electric machine housings, building materials, plant equipment, and FA equipment. We consistently perform development, deploying, cutting, blanking, bending, and welding assembly in-house based on the designs that we receive from our customers.  We mainly use iron and stainless steel in our manufacturing.
Strengths of products and technologies
We have more than 600,000 production achievements from dealing with customers across a wide range of fields. These achievements are accumulated internally as data, shared, and passed on as expertise. Therefore, we have a wide range of know-how such as products using plate thickness of up to about 16 mm, though thin plates are the center, plate working products using shaped steel, stainless steel products used for food and chemicals, and semiconductors. Our delivery time is usually around two weeks, but we are working hard every day to improve our techniques to better suit our customers’ needs.

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