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Dehenken Limited

Our company develops and sells technical library software that extracts text from Word documents and other files.

We are a software company providing text extraction technology on an OEM basis. Our technical product "Dehenken TF Library" for text extraction is focused on text processing technology as a conversion method. This product always supports Office and PDF version upgrades. We adopted a transmission-reception network for M2M communications for our remote-control framework "Derimo" to prepare an environment for safe use on a network. We develop and provide our own products by applying unrivaled technology and maintain them to prevent problems for customers. Our technology has been provided to a total of 100 companies on an OEM basis.


Sales Pitch

Dehenken for text extraction
Our company develops and sells software that analyzes the Word and Ichitaro file formats and extracts text information.
We are the only company providing this technical software to 100 Japanese companies, including major electric machine manufacturers and startups.
High-speed text extraction from documents enables text mining, full-text searching, personal information extraction, and archive searching by customer software.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company’s strength is our capability to appropriately provide technology on an OEM basis to major companies and startups that want to use it. Our founder used to work for a major software company with the job of purchasing technical software. He kept looking for companies capable of providing software technology with responsibility and full support, but there were no satisfactory companies for text extraction in Japan. That is why he established a company that seemed satisfactory to him. Now he has confidence because the company has built up a track record in its history of over 15 years.

[Business Description]
We are a software company established over 15 years ago, and we provide text extraction technology on an OEM basis. We provide software libraries that extract text information from Word, Excel, and PDF files. This technology has been provided to a total of 100 companies on an OEM basis. We started to develop the "Derimo" M2M software framework for robot monitoring and control three years ago. The Derimo Bus Location System is an applied version interlocked with a map to monitor mobile objects. We provide this technology on an OEM basis.


[Product and Technical Strengths]
Our company’s strengths regarding our "Dehenken" TF Library text extraction product are our commitment to the text processing technology and earnest continuous support for Office and PDF version upgrades. Our Derimo remote-control framework is prepared as a transmission-reception framework for M2M communications. This sets up an M2M communication environment for safe use on a network. Our company develops and provides in-house technical software by integrating unrivaled technologies. We continue maintenance work so that the software we provide will not cause any problems for customers.

[Representative's Message]
I am usually at the head office in Kyoto, but I work in Tokyo for seven days a month. I go to Tsukuba, visit customers, and work as the chair of a voluntary group. Over the course of a year I visit the Kansai and Kanto regions, Hiroshima, Toyama, Nagano, and Kitakyushu for sales. Japan is the scope of my daily business activities.

[In-house System for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
We have a total of 11 staff. Our domestic Japanese sales site is in Yokohama. We have seven engineers, with six in Kyoto and the remaining one in Tokyo to provide close support for customers. We have visited Korea for customer sales as well as visiting Russia, Turkey, France, China, and Korea to recruit overseas interns. We made presentations there to bring together interns.

[Market Share and Rank]
We believe that a market has not yet formed for this product. We are the only company developing an M2M framework for M2M software. We provide appropriate library technology with appropriate pricing on an OEM basis.

[Awards and Media]
Awards: Kyoto SME Excellent Technology Award (2002)
Media: Kyoto Shimbun and many others

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001:2008 (JIS Q 9001:2008) certification from DNV as a company-wide quality management system on September 27, 2018

[Joint Research and Development]
Derimo (Japanese patent pending)
Long-polling communication system (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2013-165896)
Log monitoring and browsing system (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2015-042352)

[Major Customers in Japan]
Osaka Institute of Technology (Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation) (2012); National Institute of Technology, Oshima College (2013) (bidding in 2014)

[Major Customers outside Japan]
Saltlux (Japanese subsidiary of Korean company)

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