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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:30:31

Matsumoto Electronics Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture electronics equipment such as pinhole detectors.

We have been developing our business for half a century. We focus on industrial electronics equipment and system design and manufacturing. We design and manufacture inverters, robot controllers, control boards, operating boards, and so on as a subcontracted manufacturer for major companies. We also have a track record in designing systems using robots. We conduct planning, development, design, manufacturing, on-site adjustment, and maintenance of quality control meters for steel manufacturers. This includes pinhole detectors, plate width meters, plate thickness meters, length meters, image processors, and defect detectors. A characteristic of our image processors is that speed enhancement is attained due to our original parallel processing technology.


[Product description] We have developed a new product in which the light source has been changed from a fluorescent light to an LED. Energy-saving, maintenance-free light source unit: An LED is used as a light source, and a long operating life and energy-saving are achieved. A control board is not required: The device has a simple composition comprising a light source and detector unit plus a machine-side panel. Reduction in installation work cost is possible. Small size and low price: We have realized a small size and low price while preserving detection performance equivalent to the conventional type (15-μm holes can be detected).