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We support mass production of gears, shafts, and hydraulic pressure parts.

We manufacture engine parts for automobiles, agricultural machines, and so on. We manufacture transmission parts such as gears and shafts, and hydraulic pressure parts such as valves for construction machines, as well as swash plates, cam plates, screws, and so on. We conduct one-stop processing covering from material procurement to various kinds of processing such as turning, machining, broaching, and gear cutting, as well as grinding processing after thermal treatment. Our products help our customers to substantially reduce management worker-days. Quickly starting up mass production is one of our strengths. We can stably supply 300,000 items per month. We have a wealth of experience in direct deliveries to finished products manufacturers. We operate a high-level quality assurance system.


Sales Pitch

Being able to propose the best balance of QCD
Message for overseas companies
Being able to propose the best balance of QCD
-Quality: Achieved high quality through Six Sigma.
-Cost: Received orders from manufacturers in emerging countries like Vietnam.
-Delivery: Safeguarded the automobile production lines in Japan for the last 60 years.

As stated above, we can propose the best balance of QCD.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strengths include quick mass production start-up, delivery time, quality, and stable supply power. Our company is repeatedly selected as a supplier by customers who have once done business with us. We constantly manufacture about 200 kinds of parts. We possess a high-precision quality assurance system which we have applied to many items delivered directly to finished-product manufacturers. We can make use of this system provide customers with quality and delivery time solutions. We have the technological power to achieve quick start-ups by using our own jigs, 99% of which are made in-house. We have the experience to make drawings using CAD even if drawings are non-existent at the time of trial manufacturing. We have successfully delivered multiple connecting components to finished-product manufacturers.

[Business description]
We are a mechanical parts manufacturer that proposes next-generation Monozukuri craftsmanship. We manufacture engine parts for automobiles, agricultural machines, and so on, as well as transmission parts such as gears and shafts. We also produce hydraulic pressure parts such as relief valves for construction machines, swash plates, cam plates, and screws. We conduct one-stop processing covering from material procurement. This includes cold forging, turning, machining, broaching, gear cutting, and grinding processing after thermal treatment (including shot peening). Our products help our customers to substantially reduce management worker-days.

Automobile, agricultural machine, construction machine, transmission and engine part, and hydraulic pressure part manufacturing 

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have a track record of delivering 70,000 gears per month to Honda. We possess automation equipment for the turning process and automatic inspection equipment that can support a maximum of 300,000 pieces. We also have a wealth of experience in medium-volume production for the areas of agricultural machines and construction machines. We deal with complicated processing such as slanted holes, swash plates, and screw-thread machining. We focus on gears, shafts, engine parts, and hydraulic pressure parts (valves, swash plates, plates, and screws). Please feel free to contact us for complicated processing. We also have experience in parts processing using round bar materials, casting, hammering, pressing, and so on. We mainly deal with SCM and FCD, but we are also taking on the challenge of SUS, ADC, and so on.

[Representative's message]
Our company is now at the stage of contributing to society by using what we have observed and learned in the fields of automobiles, agricultural machines, and construction machines. We look forward to finding good partners with whom we can cooperate in developing new Monozukuri craftsmanship, rather than limiting our business to short-term transactions. We hope to discuss how to create such partnerships in the future.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned dedicated staff for sales and global support, and dedicated staff for major and overseas companies. Our staff routinely provide support for overseas companies in English. We are accelerating hiring non-Japanese human resources, and these staff members are now in charge of support for inquiries from Vietnamese companies.

[Awards and media coverage]

Chubu Keizai Shimbun (May 11, 2015, August 18, 2014, and November 17, 2012).

[Factory (domestic)]

[Factory (overseas)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toyota and Honda (transmission gears for four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, trial manufacturing, and mass production of shaft parts and engine parts), Yanmar (agricultural machines, transmissions, and engine parts), Komatsu, Nachi-Fujikoshi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries (construction machines and hydraulic pressure parts) and IHI (aircraft parts).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Vietnam (agricultural machines, gears, and shaft part mass production) and Malaysia (subcontractor's factory).

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