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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:30:08

Marugo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

We supply laminated hoses that comply with new emission controls on trucks.

Our company manufactures and sells rubber and resin parts for manufacturers of automobiles, motorbikes, marine leisure goods, agricultural machines, and construction machines. We handle parts made by molding or extrusion through an integrated production process from rubber kneading to shipping inspection. We have a variety of turbo hose products that meet requirements for heat resistance up to 200 degree centigrade. We can also provide laminated hoses made of fluorine rubber or silicone rubber that comply with new short-term and long-term emission controls on trucks. Rubber insulators affect the riding comfort of vehicles. We develop shapes, characteristics, and functions for these products, and we also conduct research for implementations based on various purposes, such as hybridization of liquid or gas with rubber.


[Product description] Our products include air cleaner hoses to guide clean air from air cleaners into engines, turbo hoses to guide turbo-compressed hot air, and so on. We offer various turbo hose products that meet requirements for heat resistance up to 200 degree centigrade (made of AEM, silicone, etc.). We can also provide silicone rubber hoses with fluorine rubber lining to comply with emission controls.

[Product description] Our products include hoses to take in air necessary for engine combustion, resonators to ease suction noise generated at air intake, and engine covers to block noise radiated from engines. We also offer engine covers and various other resin products where design is also important.

[Product description] We have experience in handling hoses for passenger cars and also large-diameter hoses for large vehicles and construction machines. We can also meet requirements for hoses that are resistant to heat and electrolytic corrosion.

[Product description] We can provide fuel filler hoses and vapor hoses for PZEV and LEV2. These products comply with the world's top-level evaporation controls, which have been made strict due to environmental issues. These characteristic products (patented) have resin-elastomer laminated structures and can be used like rubber hoses. We can provide products with excellent cost performance that comply with evaporation controls in Japan. We also offer flame-resistant products for personal watercraft as well as products for LNG, CNG, and other special uses.

[Product description] These are general rubber insulators that are used when engines are mounted on vehicle bodies. Square, cylindrical, and other types can be freely selected according to the type of mounting. Current engine room temperatures tend to be high. We provide mounts that can satisfy these requirements by conducting R&D on materials.

[Product description] These mounts use very elastic rubber to prevent the transmission of vibration to vehicle bodies. Liquid is used in combination to quickly subdue the vibration of engines and truck cabs.

[Product description] We manufacture bushings that impart both vertical flexibility and horizontal rigidity to vehicles. Vertical flexibility eases the impact of road irregularities on passengers and horizontal rigidity improves vehicle running stability.

[Product description] Suspension bushings are necessary to achieve riding comfort, vehicle running stability, and silence at the same time. Steering bushings are necessary for comfortable steering. We provide a wide variety of such bushings for uses ranging from light vehicles to large trucks.

[Product description] Bump rubber: Attached to prevent a vehicle from oscillating greatly and to ease impacts. Muffler hanger: Attached between an exhaust pipe and the vehicle body to prevent the communication of vibration or noise from the exhaust pipe or muffler to the vehicle body.

[Product description] We develop and supply various rubber insulators. These include dynamic dampers that reduce vibration and noise by a combination of weight and rubber, as well as strut mounts and door stoppers that absorb vibration, sound, and shock.

[Product description] We manufacture various covers to be attached to dash panels. These covers have sealing performance to prevent dust or water from entering from the engine rooms to the cabin, and sound blocking performance to keep the cabin silent.

[Product description] We aim to apply and expand the technologies we have cultivated in the automobile field to various other fields.


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