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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:30:02

E.I. Engineering Co., Ltd.

A professional group for energy consulting, from heat sources to power generation equipment.

Our company designs, analyzes, and diagnoses a wide range of energy equipment from heat source equipment and power generation equipment to renewable energy equipment. We visualize complicated energy equipment and make optimal system operations by utilizing simulation technologies. We independently developed Enepro21 energy simulation software, which can instantaneously calculate the balance of heat and flow rate. An ordinary personal computer is sufficient to review even complicated facilities. We can make simulations by utilizing data about more than 6,000 units of energy equipment investigated in the past. We will also take our 10th anniversary as an opportunity to focus on Asia.


[Product description] This product is the last word in energy simulation software. It features both high accuracy and easy operability. This software is applicable to the design, analysis, and diagnosis of energy equipment. We provide energy consulting services using Enepro21 as well as licensing. Features of Enepro21 include the following. (1) A wide range of energy equipment can be freely evaluated, including power generation equipment. Integrated evaluation of photovoltaics, solar heat, and thermoelectric systems. Free evaluation of the use of unused energy. Evaluation of regional energy use. (2) The annual operations of actual equipment can be reproduced on a computer with error that does not exceed 1 to 2%. (This accurate reproduction of equipment status is the basis of the simulation.) (3) This technical software is available to anyone engaged in the energy field. Quick and accurate simulation using equipment performance data for more than about 6,000 units. (We have also prepared environmental load information, electricity and gas fees, and meteorological data from 28 points throughout Japan.) Rich help functions. (Detailed descriptions displayed about each screen.) Graph and form display of review results and creation of comparison lists. Support for photovoltaics and solar heat use (new function in Version 3). (1) Solar panel simulation is easy even for large-scale power generation. (The direction of installation and the angle of inclination can be different.) (2) Easy simulation also available regarding mounting on a building wall (90 degrees). (3) Possible to review sales for both overall power and surplus power. (4) Great reduction of gas consumption by using solar heat for solar-linked power generation to generate cold heat. (5) Use of solar heat energy by combining a solar water heater/exchanger and a hot water generator. (6) Supports solar heat collectors under both the JIS standards and the European standards (both equation coefficient input and measured value input acceptable). [Intellectual property] Japanese Patent No. 4564594; US Patent No. US8396605 B2.

[Product description] Features of Etomas21 include the following. (1) Creation of periodic reports about energy management designated factories by using specified forms. Also supports the FY2015 report (the report on electric power consumption during power demand equalized hours). Supporting 9,500 business establishments and integrating the data of all companies. Automatic aggregation of business establishment data. (2) Creation of medium- to long-term plans by using specified forms. Simulation by equipment update item selection. Working out several plans and implementing them during the year. Cost aggregation (automatic cost aggregation by the next version) to be reflected in medium- to long-term plans. (3) Low price! Very reasonable license fee. Uniform initial implementation cost, irrespective of the number of business establishments. Provision by licensing. (4) Preparation and retaining of unique databases. Management standard database and energy conservation index database. Accumulation of past energy consumption data. Preparation of CO2 emission basic unit data for electric power and PPS companies and gas generation data for gas companies. (5) Secure system. System integrated within the company. System construction according to the IT environment of each customer. Flexible compliance with revised laws. (6) Flexible, easy-to-operate system. Easy to operate, like ordinary Windows software. Also supports automatic measurement (monitoring). Supports changes to basic business operator information even in the middle of a term. Reviewing the basic units of energy use by setting various parameters (total floor area, etc.). (7) Collaboration with effective consulting services. Presentation of energy-saving action with actual measurements (visualization). Current status analysis of heat-source equipment and review of energy conservation and CO2 reduction activities with Enepro21.