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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:29:25

Sanko Giken Co., Ltd.

We established a blanking method that uses diamond dies. 

We excel at press working with an additional total inspection system, as well as blanking battery parts and transportation service IC cards, for which no defective part outflow is allowed. These severe requirements (e.g., such as requirements for cut surface quality) and management capabilities are also imposed on copper heat-dissipating board mass production. We established a new mass-production method in that field using diamond dies. We also developed a fully automatic positioning and blanking machine that uses robot and camera image processing and sheet film. Our plant was certified as a substrate manufacturing plant for transportation service IC cards, and we are clearing the hurdle of 4M management in its day-to-day operations. 


[Product description] We developed the world's first fully automatic press working machine that performs positioning and alignment with a 6-axis multi-joint robot and CCD camera image processing. This machine has realized a new positioning and blanking method, as dies and camera image processing have not been used together before. The press working of sheet film is completely automatic, and no guide holes are necessary. It has been adopted for the products listed below. FPCs, COF substrates, various optical seats (diffusion, reflection, polarization), special cards, liquid crystal sheets, antenna sheets, lens sheets, IC cards, RFID tags, foil packages, foil deep drawing cases, back sheets for solar cells, LED substrates, aluminum substrates, metal substrates, substrate for power semiconductors, heat dissipating boards, head dissipating sheets, and so on.

[Product description] Our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) dies are adopted for the mass production of heat-dissipating resin parts for power semiconductors. We realized wear resistance that is several times higher than normal dies (made of high-speed steel material) and DLC coated dies. This has been established as a core technology that leads to commercialization by making use of our die technology.


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