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We possess high-precision classification technology for a particulate diameter range of 1 to 50 µm.

We are a technology development oriented venture company located in Kyoto. We form micron-level microscopic structures through electroforming technology, and we also manufacture and sell ultra-high-precision classification devices for submicron particulates at the single-digit micron level. Our highly reliable sieves are indispensable in the production of micro particulates for high-picture-quality displays. Our sieves completely remove irregular particulates, which may cause erroneous input with smartphones, so they are used in sensors that detect only the touched section on display devices. We aim to participate in classification device production from the development phase in order to support mass production. 

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[Company strength]
Our company has developed original technology in the micro pattern formation field, and we are capable of adding detailed, complex patterns on the thin surface of components.
(1) We can form file holes with high density, and difficult hole diameters, hole diameter precision, narrow pitch, and internal smoothness that are impossible with etching, lasers, or EDM.
(2) We are capable of developing and manufacturing one-of-a-kind added-value products that are supported by an unsurpassable manufacturing process.
(3) We offer technical support in developing core parts for next-generation products to customers who are venturing into uncharted territory.
(4) We can form 160 million 5-µm holes in a diameter-20 cm circle, which cannot be found anywhere else. 
(5) One of our products with different-patterned holes was adopted in a sensor having world-class terahertz-wave functionality.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells ultra-high-precision classification devices for forming micron-level microscopic structures, and for classifying submicron particulates at the single-digit micron level.
(1) We offer consignment development, manufacturing, and sales of high-precision, micro-structure products through the combination of photolithography (a process used in semiconductor production) and electroplating technology.
(2) We offer consignment classification as well as development and sales of classification devices. These can classify plastic particulates less than 5 µm in size, which are necessary for enhancing the picture quality of large, high-definition liquid crystal TVs. They can also classify anisotropic conductive particulates less than 10 µm in size, which are used for input parts on tablet terminals. These devices can operate at high speed without producing any defective goods. 

Development and manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Technological advantage: We can form fine holes and fine slits having high reliability, high precision, and high apertures and aspect ratios. 
Example of micromachining: Minimum diameter 5 to 10 µm holes, aspect ratio 10 to 20, 170 mm diameter sieve, 50 to 100 µm plate thickness. (We are the only company in the world that can make sieves this thin in a stable manner.)
Example of original product: Our Super Micro Sieve is a highly reliable sieve for classifying fine particulates with high precision. 
Example of common application: Complete removal of coarse particulates mixed in 3- to 5-µm functional particulates used in liquid crystal TVs, PCs, smartphones, cell phones, large monitors, CCD cameras, and so on. (Particulates can be removed even if the ratio is only one in 10 billion.) 

[Representative's message]
Our technology and products are one-of-a-kind technologies that enable the removal of irregular particulates at an unprecedented level (100%). It is applicable to spheres, and also to other irregular shapes (such as crushed, irregular shapes). Particles can be removed whether the material is as hard as a diamond or as soft as a solder ball. Please consult us if you are not pleased with conventional classification devices. We also possess single-digit micron-order, high-density patterned hole formation technology for plates that are tens of microns thick. This allows us to meet cost reduction requirements, such as for machining, EDM, laser machining, and etching. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We respond to inquiries from major companies within the company for matters such as technology, production, and development. Inquiries about manufacturing and sales will be conducted with support from partner companies (staff from the partner company may be assigned). We will make arrangements for responses to overseas companies as necessary with consideration for the situation, as we have received such inquires only through agencies so far. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Our Super Micro Sieve was launched in 2008. This is a highly reliable sieve featuring diameter 5 to 10 µm, and an aspect ratio of 10. It has become indispensable in the production of particulates for high-definition displays. It has been adopted by three major manufacturers that together account for 100% of the market. 

[Awards and media coverage]


[Joint research and development]
We have two R&D projects concerning wet classifying devices. 

[Transaction terms]
Billing cycle closes at the end of the month, and must be paid in cash by the end of the next month. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Major fine chemicals manufacturer that supplies resin particulates and anisotropic conductive particulates to a major flat panel manufacturer (sieves and classification devices, directly or through a trading company); universities and research institutions (thin plates with special fine holes). 

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