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Latest update: 22/03/2019 11:33:30

Yamamoto Seiki Co., LTD.

We handle processing from precision dies to press working, and vacuum impregnated adhesive lamination

We are a precision die manufacturer that excels at manufacturing precision dies for micro fields. Metal press working is conducted using various processing methods such as drawing, bending, and squeezing. We can provide thin (0.1 mm), irregularly shaped adhesive lamination for use in high-efficiency motor cores with adhesive lamination. We handle film processing for heat-dissipation sheets, reflective sheets, and double-sided tapes using self-developed machines and dies. We also make proposals on automation to improve productivity. 


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[Company Strengths]
Our company has built up precision die technology and automated equipment technology since its establishment. We apply these technologies to independently manufacture most of the dies and automated equipment necessary for metal press working and film processing. This is why we can quickly solve any problems that occur regarding quality or production within the organization through cooperation among the design, processing, and die and equipment production departments. We also have a subsidiary press working plant in Thailand with which we can supply cost-competitive pressed goods.

[Business Description]
(1) Precision die design and manufacturing: This department excels at making dies for high-precision and micro fields.
(2) Metal press working: Press working is available in various methods, including drawing, bending, and squeezing.
(3) Adhesive lamination: This department manufactures thin (0.1 mm) irregularly shaped adhesive lamination for use in high-efficiency motor cores and so on.
(4) Film processing: This department uses self-developed machines and dies to process heat-dissipation sheets, reflective sheets, and double-sided tape in our clean booths. The products will be attached to mobile phones, cameras, or other devices.
(5) Automated equipment design and manufacturing: This department makes proposals on productivity improvement through automation.

Precision die, press working, vacuum impregnated adhesive lamination, film processing, automated equipment manufacturing

[Product and Technology Strengths]
Our company has a track record in VA proposals in the die and press working fields, where cost was reduced by replacing machining with press working. This department also excels at micro and precision fields such as press working techniques where a diameter 1.0 hole is bored from inside a drawn piece of diameter 3.4. Our vacuum impregnated adhesive lamination technology made it possible to provide high-efficiency motor cores by adhesive-laminating ultra-thin (0.1 mm) or irregularly shaped electrical steel in a vacuum state. Lamination occurs without damaging the insulating layer. Another merit of adhesive lamination is that it decreases conduction between the electrical plates extremely well. 

[Representative's Message]
Our company participates in a domestic Japanese exhibition every year to expand our markets in Japan. We set up a local subsidiary in Thailand in 2012 order to expand overseas. Our motto is to become a company that is needed by customers. Our manufacturing technologies and adhesive lamination technologies were developed through unconventional thinking, beyond the scope of conventional press technologies. We believe that these technologies can solve problems for users.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our sales representatives become the point of contact for new customers, and respond to their needs. Technical questions are answered by technology and manufacturing staff members. We also have global human resources who can respond to overseas companies in English.

[Main Customers and Track Record (in Japan)]
Toyota Group (special material adhesive lamination and adhesive lamination cores, since 2014); Toshiba (adhesive lamination motor cores, since 2014); Mitsui & Co. Plastics (automated equipment, since 2012); Minebea (adhesive lamination motor cores, since 2013); Mabuchi Motor (adhesive lamination motor cores, since 2013); Nippon Densan Group (pressed goods, since 2000); Harmonic Drive Systems (pressed goods, since 1992); Iwatani (automated equipment, 2014)

[Main Customers and Track Record (overseas)]
Iwatani Corporation Taiwan (manufacturing equipment, 2014); Mitsui Bussan e-Film (Hong Kong) Mfg. (manufacturing equipment, 2012)

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