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We manufacture cutter blades that punch out materials used for automobile interior goods, electronics components, liquid crystal panels, solar panels, secondary batteries, and aircraft parts.

Our company specializes in manufacturing punching blades that are used on industrial products. Punching blades are used for punching paper to make tobacco and tissue boxes. Our company developed a technology for seamlessly punching touch panel films and capacitors used as electrodes for lithium-ion secondary batteries. We have also worked to manufacture blades for punching composite materials and state-of-the-art materials, while proposing new punching methods. We will continue to transfer knowledge from skilled workers to young employees in recruiting, and convey our precision blade technology to the world through exhibitions and our website.


Sales Pitch

We manufacture cutter blades that accurately cut laminated materials for the required dimensional accuracy and half-cutting precision
We make customer-oriented proposals, and establish punching technology with our customers.
We introduce the latest analyzer and manufacturing equipment, and accurately cut materials in new fields in combination with human technology. 
We realize the cutting quality and dimensional accuracy required for the material.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has already received some positive evaluations in the industry, but we will continue to develop original technologies. Our aim is to become a unique company in the domestic Japanese market. We are actively recruiting young staff to train them as a new generation for the next era, and to transfer technology to them from skilled engineers. Our activities are based in Japan, but we dispatch information through exhibitions and our website, and always incorporate new technologies. 

[Business Description]
Our company manufactures punching blades that are specialized for the industrial product field under the keyword of punching. Generally known examples of the final products are tobacco and tissue boxes. Blades with the same structure as ours are used for punching paper to make such boxes. 

Manufacturing and sales of cutter blades for punching 

[Product and Technology Strengths]
We were the last entrant in the blade market, but we manufacture high-precision, high-accuracy punching blades, and specialize in industrial products. We have constantly developed technologies for seamlessly punching touch panel films and capacitors used as electrodes for lithium-ion secondary batteries. We are also working to manufacture blades for punching composite materials and state-of-the-art materials, while proposing punching methods to the customer. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our company will be a pioneer in taking on new initiatives in the field of punching when actively promoting sales targeting major material manufacturers. We aim to become a unique company that overcomes new challenges, and that proposes new technologies earlier than the competition. We are conducting sales activities for customers’ overseas offices in order to earn foreign currency from the domestic market. We pour more efforts into hiring and training new employees because we believe that human resource development is critical to overseas expansion.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company is currently considering introducing the latest cutting machines to provide solutions and punching technologies to advanced material R&D manufacturers. We also hired four newly graduated female staff members for the manufacturing floor as part of our young engineer development effort. Sales representatives are being recruited as well. 

[Market Share and Rank]
The precision of our cutter blades is rated at the top level in Japan by customers in the industrial product field. 

[Awards and Media]
Our employee Tsutomu Itera received a commendation from the Nagoya-shi Industrial Technology Promotion Association

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001; Aichi Brand Company

[Joint Research and Development]
Cutter blade for punching and punching method (Japanese Patent No. 5051286); cutter blade and method for manufacturing rigid resin processed goods (Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-76773); trademark registration (No. 4886334) 

[Main Customers and Track Record (in Japan)]
Ibiden; Inoac; 3M Japan Products; Toray Industries; Nitto Denko

[Main Customers and Track Record (overseas)]
Nitto Denko Automotive; 3M Turkey Çerkezköy Automotive Division; Nissho Precision

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