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Latest update: 30/05/2017 17:58:57

Solar Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing of Non-contact conveying equipment called Bernoulli chuck (Float Chuck) and applied equipment that use air(gas) flow 

Bernoulli Chuck(Our Non-contact conveying equipment) transfers the workpiece by jetting air(gas) in the air, and conveys it in a suspended position without contact. All self-developed products of SOLAR RESEARCH LABORATORY Ltd.are based on our patented non-contact conveying equipment called Float Chuck(Bernoulli chuck), and features are  original technologies. Past projects include non-contact semiconductor wafer handling/conveying equipment, non-contact conveying equipment for Lcd glass substrates, airflow sheet-feeding device, automotive body aluminum plate distack feeder, through-hole ceramic substrate feeder, and the high-lift air conveying equipment. 

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[Company strength]
All our products feature the self-developed Bernoulli Chuck (our Float Chuck) non-contact conveying equipment (patented) and other original technologies. These products and equipment are patented (some pending), and are based on original technologies. Our company was regarded as a top company in the 2010 Kansai Front Runner Project.

[Business description]
Our main products are our Bernoulli ChucK ( Brand name:Float Chuck) non-contact conveying equipment (patented), which was developed by the president, Hiroshi Akashi, based on his graduate study, and other non-contact conveying/handling equipment for semiconductor wafers, liquid crystal glasses, optical films, lenses, ceramics, solar cells, and automobile unwoven cloth, using Float Chuck.

Precision machinery manufacturer

[Strength of products/technologies]
In Bernoulli Chuck(our Float Chuck) non-contact conveying equipment, we combined the ejector effect and Bernoulli effect with the Coanda effect to enhance synergies, thus making the technology highly efficient in terms of air consumption. Thanks to this efficiency, the product was chosen for various non-contact conveying lines such as those for semiconductor wafers, solar cells, and 8th/10th generation large glasses (3×3 m, 0.7 mm in thickness) in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

[Representative's message]
Currently, we receive orders from overseas companies following inquiries and discussions initiated by the customers. We would like to actively develop overseas markets by using Japanese trading companies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Highly ranked in Google (USA, Germany), and Yahoo (USA, Germany, Korea).

[Market share/Ranking]
Our non-contact conveying line for large liquid crystal glass substrates (2×2 m and 3×3 m) is used for 12 lines in Japan, which is the largest share of the domestic market; we were regarded as the top company in the 2010 Kansai Front Runner Project as a result. We are also the only provider of non-contact conveying equipment for micro-chips of less than 1 mm, non-contact handling equipment for wafers (especially intra-cleanroom conveyance), green sheet ceramics, and soft contact lenses.

[Awards and media coverage]
Yellow Ribbon Medal; Director General of the Science and Technology Agency Award; Invention Encouragement Award (Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation); SME New Technology/New Product Award; Osaka Excellent Invention Award; Excellence Award at Venture Expo; others

Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Japan Industrial Publishing (“Non-contact Conveying Equipment for Large Liquid Crystal Glass Substrates”), Japan Industrial Publishing (“Non-contact Conveying Equipment for Ultra-thin Wafers”), electronic journals (non-contact transfer device)

[Joint research and development]
4 domestic patents, 1 US patent, 15 pending applications

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Mitsubishi Electric (Float Chuck for wafers); Sony (Float Chuck for wafers), Toshiba (non-contact conveying equipment for microchips), Kyocera (non-contact conveying equipment for solar cells), Canon (Float Chuck for lenses), Nikon (Float Chuck for aspheric lenses), Rohm Semiconductor (non-contact forceps), Sumitomo Electric Industries (non-contact forceps), Nippon Electric Glass (non-contact conveying equipment for liquid crystal glass substrates), Corning Japan (non-contact conveying equipment for liquid crystal glass substrates)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Corning in the US (non-contact conveying equipment for liquid crystal glass substrates); S&A France (non-contact conveying equipment for wafers); Samsung (non-contact conveying equipment for lenses); Corning in China (non-contact conveying equipment for glass wafers); HGST

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