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We are a pioneer of system development in the field of industrial robotics 

Our company started to develop manipulator and hand units for industrial robots in 1982, when the industrial robot market was still in the early stage. We develop robot application systems that can be used for system integration, customization and labor conservation and rationalization according to the needs of various fields, and install them on-site. We have introduced over 500 systems to date, including hot forging handling robot systems, which is our main offering. We have also provided robot systems for chemical analysis, press handling, and assembly and palletizing.


Sales Pitch

Robots for 3D (dirty, dangerous, demanding) jobs
Robots that are used in relation to adverse environments, high temperatures, and heavy objects
Since the early 1980s, our company has, as a pioneer of robot system integrators, helped many users enhance productivity, stabilize quality, and improve the work environment by providing automation systems that utilize robots. Our many years of experience and good track record are highly recognized. Especially for hot forging robots that handle high-temperature workpieces of 1200°C, we have been working actively for the last 35 years as pioneering experts. We have helped solve plenty of problems for many of our users. 

In addition, one of our strengths includes robots that can be used in relation to adverse environments, high temperatures, and heavy objects. Our technical capabilities are highly evaluated as they are backed by experience and engineering.
Development example
3D work robots:
Various robots for hot forging lines, casting robot, melting furnace robot, heating furnace robot, heat treatment robot, plating robot, warm forging robot, and cold forging robot

Sheet metal working robots:
Press handling robot, gas welding robot, plasma welding robot, shearing robot, bending robot, tailored blanking robot, and hot stamping robot

Special purpose robots:
Sampling robot, chemical analysis robot, clean laser robot, adaptive control grinding robot, large bolt screw tightening robot, deck plate handling robot, and processing robot for building material boards

Robot system with 3D vision sensor
Industrial master-/slave-robots (remote control robot), and application-optimized custom robots
Master/slave is a term in control engineering, and it means remote control. Surgical robots and the robotic arms outside the space station are well-known examples. Our company develops and proposes industrial master-/slave-robots. General-purpose robots are basically controlled through teaching and playback, where all robot operations must be written. However, in the actual work situation, there are many tasks that cannot be taught and require the judgment of the worker, which in turn hinders robotization. Master-/slave-robots are expected to be useful in such situations, as they can be operated by humans, based on human judgment. Possible applications include (1) tasks in severe environments and (2) dangerous jobs.  In both cases, it was difficult to introduce robots because of the above reasons, even though robots were needed.  Examples of severe environments include oxygen-deficient environments and various chemically harmful atmospheres. Also, examples of dangerous operations would be casting-related tasks, free forging tasks, and activities where risks of explosions cannot be eliminated.
Application-optimized custom robots
When a general-purpose robot is not suitable, we develop and offer application-optimized custom robots specifically for the intended use. Such situations are characterized by something that the general-purpose robots cannot deliver, such as (1) the need for unique moves, (2) the need for fast movements, and (3) restrictions in space (where a general-purpose robot is too large to fit in the available space). We provide custom robots for these uses.
Development of non-industrial/special-purpose robots
As for non-industrial robots, our company made a prototype cooking robot with entertainment properties and delivered it to a theme park. We are also developing a custom robot that captures human motion and operates at high speed. Currently, we plan to develop a special-purpose robot for biomedical applications.
Development cases
Application-optimized custom robots:
Robot for hot forging, double-arm robot for a special operation, lever operation robot for construction machinery, thin SCARA robot, high-speed motion capture custom robot (under development).

Bilateral master-/slave-robot for large hot forging hammer, master-/slave-robot for training (delivered to a nuclear fuel processing facility), general-purpose master-/slave-robot (for trial), master-/slave-robot for various dangerous tasks (multiple robots are simultaneously under development).
Use of advanced robots:
Adaptive control grinding robot.

Examples of non-industrial robots:
Okonomiyaki robot (delivered to a theme park), takoyaki robot, cotton-candy robot, and nail art robot.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our strength is that we have technological capabilities as a system integrator that allow us to customize industrial robots to the needs of individual fields, and to develop robot application systems for labor conservation and rationalization. Our company particularly excels at proposing customized robots that are compact, and yet have a high load capacity for a limited installation space, which is impossible with general-purpose robots. Another strong point is our flexible development capacity. We have developed robots for okonomiyaki, takoyaki, cotton candy, and nails for the International Robot Exhibition, Fooma Japan (International food Machinery & Technology Exhibition), and other events. 

[Business Description] 
Our company started to develop manipulator and hand units for industrial robots in 1982, when the industrial robot market was still in the early stage. Our main business is development and on-site introduction of robot application systems that are helpful in system integration, customization and labor conservation and rationalization according to needs in individual fields. Our main offerings are robot systems for handling hot forging. We have also handled other types of systems such as chemical analysis robot systems, press handling robot systems, and assembly and palletizing robot systems. We have introduced over 500 systems to date, and earned a great deal of trust from customers. 

FA design and manufacturing that utilizes robots; robot system integrator

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our technological strength is that we have the ability to develop and manufacture composite customized systems. A manipulator or hand unit is combined with a compact industrial robot with a high load capacity that can accommodate customer needs as well as restricted installation space. Our products’ strength is the dramatic increase in the productivity of the relevant equipment. This is achieved through labor conservation and cost reduction, consistent quality such as removing irregular finishing from manual operation, and an improved work environment. 

[Representative’s Message] 
We are a group of robot system engineers, and our company has proposed and introduced systems to a wide range of fields. These systems have addressed various customer needs, such as advanced functions and quality, cost reduction in response to globalized procurement, and high-mix low-volume production to handle diversified needs. We want to start robotizing experienced workers’ skills in each industrial field to contribute to Japan’s Monozukuri craftsmanship, which is confronting a decreasing workforce. We have also actively expanded business overseas directly in recent years, and we are gradually building up a track record.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion] 
We provide total production in-house from basic engineering, total engineering, mechanical design, electrical design, manufacturing, and assembly and adjustment to on-site installation, trial runs, and handover. We have an established structure for one-stop solutions. We also have an internal QA program. (1) Products go through a joint inspection and quality inspection after startup, trial runs, and adjustment as a total system. The system is then shipped if it successfully passes. (2) We conduct on-site installation, recovery, and trial runs, adjustment, joint operation and explanatory sessions on operation. We have built a program in which nothing is left out. 

[Market Share and Rank] 
Our company has the largest share of the hot forging robot field.

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