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Oohashi Co., Ltd.

We convert wire sheath material into recyclable plastic planking.

We recycle plastic sheathing materials generated when electrical wires are disassembled, and manufacture new planking that can replace conventional iron planking. We possess technology for efficiently refining polyethylene regenerated from recycled sheath materials. The recycled materials are processed into plastic planking, which is highly weather-resistant and does not readily break when bent. Waste planking is shattered and can be processed into planking again. Our products can be utilized for temporary bridges for Japan Self-Defense Forces rescue vehicles when a bridge is destroyed by a tsunami or another disaster. Our products are in demand for such disaster response uses, as well as for snow melting systems in parking lots in the snow region.

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[Company strength]
We possess technology to efficiently refine regenerated polyethylene produced by disassembling electrical wires. We can obtain high-quality plastics with no foreign substances at a low price. The performance of the regenerated plastic is maintained at the same level as virgin plastic, so we can manufacture low-priced, high-quality plastic planking. Our crushing machine for disassembling electrical wires can also be utilized for crushing the collected planking. This is how we have constructed a system in which raw materials are not wasted and are utilized at a low price.

[Business description]
We disassemble electrical wires and cables under consignment contracts with major cable manufacturers. These nonferrous metals are recycled after processing, and the sheathing materials (plastics) are also sold as recycled raw materials. Recently we have been devoting our attention to regenerated polyethylene plastics. We manufacture and sell Repy Board plastic planking as a substitute for iron planking. We also practice a business model in which waste plastic planking is collected as raw material and again recycled into planks and other products. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our Repy Board planking uses 100% electrical wire sheathing material (polyethylene), so this product provides planking that is weather-resistant and does not readily break when bent. The surface pattern is also designed so as to reduce friction with the tires of trucks, etc., and to suppress abrasion. (We have applied for design registration.) The thickness is also variable in a range of 10 to 30 mm, and products jointly developed with customers (several companies) are also increasing. Repy Board is registered in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport NETIS database (KTK-1400060A), and also in Agricultural and Rural Development Information Center (ARIC; 1122). We acquired Ecology Mark authorization in February 2015. We can differentiate Repy Board from other companies' products.

[Representative's message]
In recent years we have been participating in exhibitions in Japan five to six times a year, and expanding our sales network. Many overseas customers (particularly customers from Southeast Asia) have visited our booth and shown an interest in our products. We hope to display our products in overseas exhibitions to gauge the actual response. We plan to find agencies in the ASEAN area in order to smoothly cultivate the market.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned dedicated staff in the HQ sales department in charge of new transactions as the point of contact for major companies. Staff members in the sales engineering department and the factory will support technical consultations, and they will directly visit the customer to solve problems if necessary. We are establishing a system that enables support in English for overseas companies. We are recruiting staff with experience in overseas sales to support our global expansion.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a 10% share of the domestic Japanese market, and a 0% share of the overseas market (estimated).

[Awards and media coverage]
Kanagawa Global Environment Award, global environment preservation field, Kanagawa Prefecture (2014); Kanagawa Industry Navi, Grand Prize of Excellence, environment ecology field (2013).

Nokei Shimpo (March 2, 2015); Nouki Shimbun (March 3, 2015); Shigen Shimpo (March 5, 2015); Kanagawa Keizai Shimbun, Vol. 014 (February 2015).

Registered in the NETIS database by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Registration number KTK-140006-A.
Registered in the ARIC database by the Agricultural and Rural Development Information Center: 1122.

[Joint research and development]
Japanese Design Registration Application: Reference Number 001410-001.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Delivery of Repy Board (2014-2015): Shimizu, Maeda, Kajima, and Taisei. Delivery of Repy Board (since 2012): Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and Ministry of Defense. 

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