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Latest update: 22/03/2019 11:33:43

MEIOH Plastics Molding Co., Ltd.

We design, develop, and manufacture ultra-high-precision insert molding parts

Our company manufactures and sells thermoplastic resin injection moldings and their production equipment such as molds and automation equipment. We particularly excel at producing insert moldings where metal parts and plastic resin are molded together. Our main business is to manufacture connector parts and switch parts for small electronic devices such as portable phones and smartphones. Our company has manufactured molds for insert moldings with pitches as narrow as 0.25 mm, and we aim to make higher-precision molds. We also applied the insert molding technology that we built up over many years to manufacture plastic containers by molding with a resin net. 


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has a 24-hour factory in the Tohoku region, and we propose and offer technologies to customers based on the know-how we accumulated from our past projects and experience. We can propose product shapes from product image drawings or samples given by the customer. We make a proposal while forming an image of how the molding can be manufactured, which reduces the lead time in the customer’s product development planning phase. Designing, manufacturing, and incorporating the molds in-house has proven to be advantageous. It realizes close communication, constant feedback, and quick action such as identification of corrective action, estimates of mass productivity, and improvement around the molding process. 

[Business Description] 
We manufacture and sell thermoplastic resin injection moldings and their production equipment such as molding molds and automation equipment. Our company manufactures connector parts and switch parts for portable phones and smartphones by molding metal parts and plastic resin together (insert molding). Our operation covers design, manufacturing, molding, inspection, and packaging of molding molds and automation equipment. We also apply the insert molding technology that we built up over many years to manufacture plastic containers that are molded with resin nets. 

Plastic part manufacturing 

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Insert molding is our core competency and specialty. We rack our brains with the customer from every angle. This includes how to manufacture the necessary press parts and metalworking parts for insert molding to make the product better. Our company has made narrow-pitch items for general molding and insert molding as narrow as 0.25 mm, and we still aim to create molds with even higher precision. We can also manufacture all kinds of production equipment with regard to insert molding according to customer needs. This includes automated equipment such as contact feeders, insert auxiliary equipment, ultra-high-accuracy transport equipment, post-processing machines, assembly machines, image inspection equipment, and inspection and packing machines. We took up the challenge of self-developing a molding machine, and successfully developed an ultra-high-speed molding hoop system with a three-second molding cycle. 

[Representative’s Message] 
Our company uses highly specialized technology in production. We believe that the structure of our technology is hard to understand, and that it has not been conveyed well enough in promotion and advertising. We want to provide easy-to-understand information through various means, and cultivate both domestic Japanese and overseas markets.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion] 
Our company has achieved many successes as an insert molding developer. We will set up a dedicated department within the organization to provide information on our highly specialized technology on the Internet in an easily understandable way. This department will cultivate new markets and respond to these matters in a timely manner. 

[Joint Research and Development] 
Patent registration: Structural body provided with connector terminal line in its one part and its forming method (Japanese Patent No. 3338667), and three others.
Japanese laid-open patent applications: Four items.
Pending applications before laying open for public inspection: Two items.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ