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Latest update: 22/03/2019 11:33:27

Climb Medical Systems, Inc.

We support medical sites with network systems

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells medical image diagnosis systems that use information communications networks. We developed Japan’s first medical moving image network system in 1998, and it has been in operation in the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center since 2000. We also developed a dedicated mammography image diagnosis system, which is now used in 100 medical institutions nationwide and has become our main product. These examples illustrate how our company is a pioneer in the field of imaging systems for medical sites. All our products conform to the DICOM 3.0 medical imaging standard, and we independently developed file servers, findings reports, viewers, and other peripherals. We can also flexibly handle other projects such as product customization and development.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has developed innovative products such as Japan’s first circulatory system video network system and dedicated mammography image diagnosis system. These products have been authorized under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and we are licensed as a medical equipment manufacturer and distributor. Our company started to sell software without the relevant units in 2013 in our overseas OEM business. However, the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in the fall of 2014 made it possible to sell medical software in Japan, which allows us to make proposals more flexibly. We have confidence in our product lineup, which allows us to satisfy the detailed needs of medical sites. We provide support from various angles based on the track record and experience we have gained from over 15 years of operation in the medical field.

[Business Description]
We develop, manufacture, import, sell, and maintain medical image diagnosis systems that use information communications networks. Our company flexibly offers necessary software to medical sites, such as information databases, DICOM image web distribution systems, medical efficiency improvement software, and other completely novel products. We developed medical image workstations including Cardiovascular for the circulatory system, Radiology for multi-modality images, mammary for mammography, and RT HUNTER for radiation therapy. Our mammary product has received FDA 510 (k) approval. It supports a 15 mega-sub-pixel independent display (ISD), and is equipped with DICOM server and image-reading findings reports as standard. 


[Product and Technology Strengths]
All our products conform to the DICOM 3.0 medical imaging standard, and have good operability and a wealth of functions with high operating speeds. They can be customized to user needs. Our company possesses advanced image processing technologies. Our main product is the dedicated mammography image diagnosis system mammary, which is an image diagnosis system specialized for breast cancer. Image quality such as resolution and contrast is critical to this kind of system compared to other image diagnosis systems. This product also received FDA (510k) approval in the US in the summer of 2014. The RT HUNTER radiation therapy viewer is our latest development. It is attracting high expectations as a system capable of storing and re-measuring radiation doses during therapy sessions.

[Representative’s Message]
Our company plans to cultivate the domestic Japanese market by setting up sales agencies. We have exhibited products at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the European Congress of Radiology (ESR) since 2004 for overseas expansion, and have won high evaluations. Our dedicated mammography image diagnosis system was authorized by the FDA (510k) in August 2014, and we started preparations for an overseas market release under our own brand. Release in the European market requires CE mark certification, so we are preparing for this application. Our dedicated mammography image diagnosis viewer is already used in Germany, the U.S., Mexico, Chile, and Puerto Rico.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
All the staff members in our sales division are focused on market cultivation. Technical questions are answered by three members of the technology and development departments. They will visit your site if necessary to solve a problem. Some representatives in our sales department are in charge of international marketing, and they can respond to inquiries from overseas in English. Everyone is motivated to improve their skills, and take courses in fields such as international trade, accounting, and contracts. 

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