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We have a track record in precision die machining

We are a precision processing manufacturer of die components such as articles for punching, blanking, and stripping. Our company processes carbide, hardened steel, and ceramic materials through punching, grinding, and wire EDM, and we supply high-quality parts to control equipment manufacturers. We have over 100 units of machines and measurement instruments at our sites, which allows us to conduct machining of ultra-precision parts 24 hours a day. High speed microfabrication with 3D CAD/CAM is also available. We entered the medical equipment field, and developed non-invasive forceps for ultra-noninvasive single-hole endoscopic surgery jointly with Kyushu University.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our strengths is that we have over 100 units of machines and measurement tools such as profile grinding and wire EDM machines. Machining of ultra-precision parts is conducted 24 hours a day, and we are confident about quality and delivery. We also conduct high-speed microfabrication of precision parts using 3D CAM/CAM, which was previously impossible with machining tools. 

[Business Description]
Our company manufactures precision components that fit ultra-precision dies. We conduct machining, grinding, and wire EDM of carbide, hardened steel, and ceramic precision parts using precision die manufacturing technologies. We supply high-quality parts to manufacturers of control equipment such as relays and switches. 

Precision metalworking manufacturing 

[Product and Technology Strengths]
We have a wealth of equipment in each department, which allows them to conduct many kinds of precision processing. Our cutting tool department manufactures dies, automated equipment, machines, and machining tools from steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials using machining centers and milling machines. Our electronic die department manufactures precision press dies and machining tools from cemented carbide (lead frames and so on) and ceramics, using extra-precision molding machines and surface grinding machines. We also manufacture precision electronic components based on 3D CAD/CAM designs using precision 3D microfabrication machines, ultra-precision wire EDM, and other equipment. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our company has a machining tool department in Nakatsu-shi (head office), and a manufacturing plant (electronic die department) in Bungotakada-shi. These plants continuously supply precision metalworking parts to customers using various machining tools such as those for machining, grinding, 3D machining, and wire EDM. We incorporated an environmental management system (EMS) management method in our daily operation tool, as well as in our operation tool for 5S kaizen activities. All our employees are committed to overall quality improvement through this activity process. We promise that we will continue to satisfy customer needs by always positioning a candid, humble attitude, gratitude, and positiveness as our basic mindset. We will convert knowledge into wisdom for the next creation.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company has started to train human resources for technology sales to cultivate markets. We strive to satisfy detailed customer technical needs, while developing consumer products and actively exchanging with different industries. 

[Awards and Media]
Approval under the Management Innovation Law
Koma Taisen website

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems)
[Joint Research and Development] 
Non-invasive forceps (trademark registration)

[Other Major Site] 
Electronic die department (Bungotakada-shi, Oita Prefecture) 

[Main Customers and Track Record (in Japan)]
Panasonic group

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ

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