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We offer high-precision products from mold design to mass production of pressed works

Our company has been supplying high-precision products to a wide range of industrial fields as a mold and press working manufacturer for over 60 years since its establishment. We have already established a highly reliable mold manufacturing system to manage multiple phases from design to manufacturing through our original technology and know-how. Our company has installed a wide variety of press working machines for press molding to consistently supply high-quality products in a short time as a mass-production system. We conduct flow analysis during the mold design phase, when we receive irregularly shaped workpieces to reduce the number of press working trials. We also try to find potential problems prior to press molding, and incorporate solutions in the mold to enhance the degree of perfection. 


Sales Pitch

Press molding and press working
Our company has an integrated production system for handling all processes from mold manufacturing to mass production. We are a group of Monozukuri craftsmanship professionals offering comprehensive proposals on various topics such as product shapes and cost reduction. 
Mass production is available for up to 1,200 tons. Our company manufactures high-quality products in various sizes. We also develop automation machines in-house. 
We satisfy needs from all kinds of Monozukuri craftsmanship fields, including household appliances, housing, and automobiles. 

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
We believe that every employee is a human resource, and an asset to our company. Our employees are encouraged to acquire advanced skills through technology education and improvement activities that are also intended to create an appropriate environment for R&D activities. The whole company is committed to improving productivity and quality. Our employees themselves are also active in self-development. They have diligently taken various technology qualification tests, and many of them have been certified as skilled workers. 

[Business Description]
Our company has been supplying high-precision products that satisfy the needs of the times for over 60 years since its establishment as a mold and press working manufacturer. We have served a wide range of industrial fields. We possess a variety of press working machines to satisfy various needs regarding molds, and have established a mass-production system that can consistently supply high-quality products in a short time. 

Press mold and press part manufacturing and processing 

[Product and Technology Strengths]
Our accumulated production technology and original know-how regarding mold manufacturing has allowed us to establish an integrated production system that covers design, manufacturing, quality control, and R&D. This has helped us supply high-precision molds to a wide range of industrial fields, including electronics components, OA/AV equipment parts, and auto parts. We applied this mold technology to our integrated mass-production system by combining it with our press techniques and production technology. We can reduce the number of press working trials for irregularly shaped workpieces by conducting flow analysis in the mold design phase. This allows us to identify potential problems for press molding early, and enhance the degree of perfection. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our company has been involved in the fundamentals of Monozukuri craftsmanship as a mold and press working manufacturer since its establishment. We have reinforced the company structure so that it can fully execute our integrated mass-production system, managing die design and manufacturing, press working, and assembly. We will take on challenges in various fields such as robotics and IT to enhance our technological capabilities, with the aim of becoming a distinguished company in the industry. We will start our overseas expansion efforts by expanding after-sales service, and then move on to improving the production system and maintenance for better customer satisfaction and higher competitiveness. 

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
The sales department in each plant takes care of potential customers, including technical consultations and quotations. In our framework the plant manager may visit the customer’s site whenever necessary to satisfy the needs of individual customers. We dispatch staff members overseas for expansion depending on the situation, such as extended maintenance, technical guidance, and so on. 

[Market Share and Rank] 
Our company has a large share of the domestic Japanese market up to the 1,000-ton class for design, development, and manufacturing of metal plastic working molds, progressive molds, transfer molds, and ultra-hard progressive molds for motor cores. 

[Awards and Media]
Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Model Factory for Rationalization of SMEs (for 26 years consecutively); Kurata Award (industrial safety and hygiene award, Toyotsu plant, 2006) 

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, "Latest Strategies Employed by Auto Parts Manufacturers," and "Cultivating a New Field with Press Working"

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001 (1998); ISO 14001 (2003)

[Joint Research and Development]
Ring core and manufacturing method (patent application)

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ

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