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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:27

Komatsu Process Co., Ltd.

Development focusing on ultrafine particle dispersion technology and liquid retroreflective material manufacturing technology  

Our company is a chemical manufacturer established in 1970. We expand our business by focusing on ultrafine particle dispersion technology and liquid retroreflective material manufacturing technology. The technology for dispersing ultrafine particles is used for inkjet ink including dispersing dye (organic material) for dying fibers through ceramic ink (inorganic material). Liquid reflective materials are used for guardrail reflective bolts, and are major manufacturers’ standard equipment. The liquid reflective materials are also recently employed in combination with lasers as reflective materials for measuring the displacement of an object. This has allowed us to expand our business. 


Sales Pitch

Technology: Ultrafine particle dispersion, and the development and production of liquid retroreflective materials Service: Manufacture and sale of retroreflective paint, retroreflective ink, and disperse dyes Target field: Joint development of new products with companies from different industries.
Expanded applications of fine particle dispersion technology and liquid retroreflection technology
Our strength lies in the fusion of our specialty with the specialties of other companies in different fields, such as the following:
•Retroreflective bolt for guardrail
•Phosphorescent reflection ink (fire hose, etc.)
•Retroreflective chalk
•Target ink for sensors
•Ninja ink
Retroreflective paint and ink
The paint uses our original liquid retroreflective technology and can be used for brush coating, roller coating, and spray coating (depending on the conditions). The product has a good track record as a base coating material for curbstones, steels, asphalt, concrete, etc. It also comes with extensive color variations.

This printing ink uses our original liquid retroreflective technology and has been adopted mainly for silk printing, as well as for some spraying methods. It can be applied to fabric, films, and some sheet-like materials. Both water-based and oil-based inks are available.
Retroreflective paint
This paint applies liquid retroreflective coating technology and uses our original coating technology. Generally, it is offered mostly with a contract paint service.
•Retroreflective bolt for guardrail
•Rubber chip balls for borders between the road and sidewalk 

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Technology for manufacturing ultrafine particles by wet dispersion method, in which a substance insoluble in water is dispersed via nanoparticles (50-500 nm diameter particles) in water, supplies coloring such as dye and pigment, chemical products such as antibacterial agent and antifungal agent, and various oxide ceramics, as aqueous liquid products. In addition, we have developed a world first for ink and paint, which shine in a similar manner as a reflective sheet when lit, and are used for clothing, bags and reflective bolts while being utilized as accident prevention measures because of their visibility at night on concrete products. Those inks and paints are recently used as reflective materials in combination with laser for measuring the displacement of an object. 

[Business description]
Our company’s products are based on ultrafine particle dispersion technology and liquid retroreflective material manufacturing technology. The ultrafine particle dispersion technology is used for inkjet ink including dispersing dye (organic material) for dying fibers, to ceramic ink (inorganic material). Liquid reflective materials are standard equipment for major manufacturers as guardrail reflective bolts. Liquid reflective materials are also used in combination with lasers for safety monitoring systems for predicting cave-ins during tunnel excavation. Another feature of our business is that we have many joint developments through proposals for improving product values of customer companies by setting a theme of safety, security and accident prevention. 

Chemical industry 

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our ultrafine particle dispersions and retroreflective reflectors have a main feature of being liquid products. Being a liquid allows for printing, coating, spray coating and inkjet printing. Our company has obtained patents relating to basic manufacturing technology, and NETIS registration. We have many opportunities for joint development with final product manufactures since added values of existing products are increased by using our liquid products, and we have also filed many joint patents on retroreflective bolts, chokes, fire hoses, bags, and recently retroreflective tiles, etc. 

[Representative's message]
Technologies for dispersing and blending ultrafine particles are the basis of our company. We manufacture various kinds of blended product by making ink, paint and dispersions using those technologies. We manufacture inkjet ink, reflective bolts, shining safety rope, paint for forming displacement measuring reflective targets, retroreflective tiles for visual guidance, dispersed dyes for coloring polyester fiber and other products. Liquid reflective materials can be printed, coated and sprayed, differently from reflective sheets, and we believe that liquid reflective materials have a wider range of applications. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our business is advanced with the structure of a person in charge of BtoB development and six BtoB-related technical developing members. We receive a number of inquiries concerning safety, security and accident prevention, to improve functionality by using our products in customer’ product members and raw materials. There are many cases beginning with technical communication and advancing to joint development. In addition, a company that was in a cooperative group with us when we were selected as New Cooperation Assistant Project of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, continues to be in charge of sales development.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have approximately 100% market share in liquid reflective materials since we have no competitors. We have applied for 24 patents relating to liquid reflective materials, 10 of which have been granted. 

[Awards and media coverage]
12th SME Excellent New Technology New Product Award, Outstanding Performance Award; Ishikawa Brand New Product Award (retroreflective color ink, reflective spray Pikara, reflective rope) 

Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers “Safety monitoring system using retroreflective paint”; The Daily Engineering & Construction News; Hokkoku Shimbun; Hokuriku Chunichi Shimbun; Kagaku Kogyo Shimbun “retroreflective tile”; Ishikawa TV “phosphorescent/reflective paint” and many other media 

Acquisition of ISO 9001-2008; Ishikawa Prefecture Construction New Technology certification 

[Joint research and development]
12 patents granted, 18 patent applications and in publication, 3 patents pending and 2 design registrations pending 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
JFE Metal Products and Engineering (guardrail reflective bolt), Sumitomo Chemical (disperse dye), Kajima (retroreflective paint), Railway Technical Research Institute (retroreflective paint), Teikoku Sen-i (phosphorescent/reflective paint), Komatsu Seiren (disperse dye) and many other companies 

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Hokuriku Head Office, SMRJ