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Tenryuumarusawa Co., Ltd.

We are a parts manufacturer that is developing its business mainly in fields of electromagnetism and hydraulic pressure.

We are a manufacturer of precision machining and polished parts, which was founded in 1971. We are developing our business in two core business units: an electromagnetic unit and a hydraulic pressure unit. The electromagnetic unit mainly deals with solenoids, clutches, and motors, which are utilized in amusement machines, copiers, vending machines, and so on. In the hydraulic pressure field we mainly deal with electromagnetic valves and mechanical valves, which have been adopted in the agricultural machine, construction machine, and industrial vehicle industries. We have a many transactions with customers including major companies in Japan such as Pulsmo, Murata Machine, and Canon. We have acquired separate patents for our electromagnetic solenoid and electromagnetic clutch. 

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[Company strength]
We are advancing new product development and production technology in order to achieve reductions in cost and environmental load, as well as high performance and high quality. Our mission in new product development is to develop products that cope with customer needs. In recent years we developed a low-cost linear solenoid, a proportional hydraulic pressure on/off solenoid, and a thin-type clutch. We are working hard to strengthen our manufacturing production technology in China, and we propose a production system that can cope with the diversification in global needs. We have established an integrated management system covering from sales and development to manufacturing, inspection, and quality assurance. We receive a high level of trust from our customers.

[Business description]
We have completed 45 fiscal years since were founded in 1971 as a manufacturer of precision machining and polished parts. We have expanded our business to include the development, manufacturing, and sale of electromagnetic parts and so on. We are developing our business in two business units, which respectively deal with electromagnetic parts and hydraulic pressure parts. 
Electromagnetic unit: This unit mainly manufactures solenoids, clutches, and motors, which are adopted in various products such as amusement machines, copiers, and vending machines. 
Hydraulic pressure unit: This unit mainly manufactures hydraulic pressure parts fused with electromagnetic parts and mirror surface processing technology, such as electromagnetic valves and mechanical valves. This unit is also extending its business to the industries of agricultural machines, construction machines, and industrial vehicles. 

Electric machine tool manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Electromagnetic unit: This unit mainly deals with electromagnetic parts in general, such as solenoids, clutches, and motors. We can make a wide range of proposals based on various viewpoints. We receive high evaluations for our development concepts in the field of the solenoids, for which we have reconsidered the structure, and thin-type clutches for OA equipment. We are also positively evaluated for our advantages such as costs.
Hydraulic Pressure Unit: This unit supports hydraulic pressure parts, for which even micron-order error is not permitted. It employs technology that marks the evolution of mirror surface processing, and realizes products with high quality and low cost by using electron beam welding and other processes. 
We can cooperate with the customer from the design to drawing creation, commercialization, trial manufacturing, and mass production, by simply receiving the planning design from the customer. This is done by setting up a special task force to realize the customer’s project.

[Representative's message]
The major portion of sales in our electromagnetic unit is from the amusement machine industry. The major portion of sales in the hydraulic pressure unit is from the agricultural machine industry. We hope to work hard to cultivate markets and new businesses in order to preserve and expand our business. Our most important task is to construct second and third cores for our business, and we are working to make significant progress toward our future with this fact in mind.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are mainly cultivating markets by participating in exhibitions and by responding to inquiries via our website. We make appointments with new customers through introductions by existing customers, and by finding potential customers through web searches. We have established a system so that we can provide timely support for inquiries by using our two bases in the HQ sales department (Iida City, Nagano) and the Tokyo sales office (Ota Ward, Tokyo).

[Market share/Ranking]
We have retained a high market share for our clutches in the OA industry since our foundation. This is due to our spring clutch, for which we have acquired domestic Japanese and overseas patents. There is a trend for clutches to be replaced by micro clutches, but our products have been adopted with a stable market share.

[Awards and media coverage]


ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

[Factory (domestic)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Pulsmo, Murata Machine, Canon, Kyocera Document Solutions, Kanzaki Kokyukoki Manufacturing, Nishina Industrial, Iseki Matsuyama, Tokyo Keiki, Hirose Valves, and Yanmar.

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