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Morio Press Industry Co., Ltd.

Our company contributes to the automobile industry through press stamping and die making. 

Our company is engaged in metal stamping, welding, and assembly. Our business operation is mainly targeted at the automobile industry. Metal stamping die design and manufacturing is also within the scope of our business. Our customers include Nissan Motor Kyushu, Toyota Motor Kyushu, and Daihatsu Motor Kyushu. Our company has been accumulating insight and experience about metal stamping and die making since our establishment in 1941. We have continuously improved our technologies by satisfying strict requirements from customers in the automobile industry. We also focus on R&D activities by making use of public subsidies. This has enabled us to possess core technologies for carbon fiber stamping development and trial manufacturing. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has dedicated itself to die making and metal stamping for 74 years since our establishment. We serve the three major automobile manufacturers and their Tier 1 manufacturers in the Kyushu region. The extensive track record and trust that we have earned in past sales and consigned development are our strong points. The hurdles of QCD are set higher every year in the automobile business, but we have continued to satisfy these requirements during our 40 years in the business. This covers requirements for quality, cost, and delivery. We constantly introduce the latest digital technologies and facilities (such as a servo press), and provide new technologies and services. This is done to quickly respond to the volatile management environment.

[Business description]
Our business lines are metal stamping, welding and assembly, and metal stamping die design and manufacturing. Our company supplied products to local electric appliance manufacturers as a startup, but our current sales mostly come from the automobile industry. We initiated production and sales for this industry about 40 years ago. The head office, where our company began, is located along with a production site in Fukuoka, although our main factory is in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture. The head office designs and manufactures dies, conducts R&D, and constantly takes on challenges by making use of new technologies and public subsidies. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
We are able to design and manufacture dies in-house, which is a great strength when the customer requires difficult shapes. We also possess a sufficient quantity of deep drawing and 3D shape equipment to give form to the designs that our customers want. Our carbon fiber stamping project received a public technology development subsidy, which indicates that we have solid technological base. 

[Representative's message]
Our company was established 74 years ago in Fukuoka as a private company after our founder finished his training as a die craftsman in Osaka. Our company has been satisfying customer needs and improving its technologies and techniques ever since. Most of our current sales are automobile-related, but we possess enhanced competitiveness in terms of technology and management. This is done by sincerely conforming to strict requirements from customers in the automobile industry. We hope to enter new fields by making use of this enhanced competitiveness, so we are working hard on R&D activities about press working technology on alternative materials. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales department (two people) is the point of contact for customers, and actively shares information within the company. Customer inquiries about technical specifications are handled by the die technology department if they conduct both design and development. The president may visit the customer if necessary. However, we are not considering working directly with overseas companies at the moment.

[Awards and media coverage]
Commendation from the Minister of Labor for excellent metal stamping techniques (1975 and 1976).


ISO 9001 (2002).

[Joint research and development]
Inspection Device and Method of Detection (Japanese Patent Application No. 2014-146212); Method and Device for Detecting Abnormality in Press Molding (Japanese Patent Publication No. 2010-281806).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Nissan Motor Kyushu; Toyota Motor Kyushu; Daihatsu Motor Kyushu; Tier 1 manufacturers of various Japanese automobile manufacturers (such as CKK’s head office plant and Nakatsu plants, and Futaba Industrial Kyushu).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Products are exported from our customers as knockdown production parts. 

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