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Taiyou Toryou Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of eco- and human-friendly special coatings based on aqueous coating

We manufacture functional coatings such as anti-condensation coatings and thermal insulation coatings based on aqueous coating. We are skilled at multi-kind, small-lot production. We have been developing coatings for construction, industry and pavement markers, centering on aqueous coating. We developed SL Refle-Coat, which is a coating with high solar reflectance exceeding 60% even in the case of a black coating; this thermal insulation coating has attracted much attention in recent years. We also offer soundproofing coatings and anti-condensation coatings by a thick-film technique, hybrid coatings that combine organic and inorganic materials using silicon, 100%-inorganic coatings which can be easily removed by water wiping even if water-based/oil-based inks or oils are attached, etc. We can thus handle the diverse needs of customers.

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Sales Pitch

A manufacturer specializing in water-based paints that are friendly to people and the earth
Various paints that excel in durability, workability, and eco-friendliness 
As a manufacturer/distributor of various paint products for architectural, industrial, and road marking uses, our company recognizes that tackling global environmental issues is critical and helps create the necessary social environment through business activities, such as the development of mostly water-based paints that are friendly to people and the earth. Under this environmental philosophy, we are trying to acquire certifications as an across-the-company effort using EMS projects in the industry.
An extensive lineup of architectural paints is available, according to the purpose and the base material
Our SL Reflation Coat is available in six deep colors, each having a solar reflectance of 60% or more. It is eligible for the Tokyo Metropolitan Heat Island Countermeasures Subsidy. 

Our company has also researched and developed paints that protect comfortable living based on the intended uses and base material, such as Wood Skin Coat (water-based transparent wood protective paint), and condensation proof MS #5000.
High function, high-quality industrial paint that is also environmentally friendly
In response to the needs of the times, we have consistently supplied high function, high-quality, eco-friendly industrial paints, and the products have been popular among many of our customers for a long time. 

Examples of such products include; (1) Water-based Strippables (special protective paint that you can easily strip afterward), and (2) Suiseimetapura In-care (highly adhesive water-based metal primer that can be applied to the interior and exterior), which is also useful for preventing sick house syndrome.
Road surface paint with excellent visibility and workability
We are the first company that manufactured road marking paints in Japan and delivered them to the military bases. Since then, our company has continued to make various new road marking paints to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the present day. Based on in-depth research and our abundant experience, we have introduced the latest machinery and facilities to our production plant and carried out complete quality control, devoting ourselves to making road-marking paints with excellent visibility, workability, durability, and adhesion.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
(1) We are skilled at multi-kind, small-lot production, and can handle the diverse needs of customers.
(2) We actively work with Ota City, our local area, and inter-industry exchanges (Ota City Kigyo Koryukai (company exchange meeting) OKK-1, Higashi Kojiya Industries Association, Higashi Kojiya Kojokai (factory association), Tokyo Metropolis H19G, D-Project, etc.). We actively gather and provide information, and make local contributions.

[Business description]
We develop, manufacture and sell coatings including anti-condensation coatings and heat-shield coatings as a specialist manufacturer of coatings which are eco- and human-friendly, on the basis of aqueous coating. We obtained ISO 14001 in August 2007. All of our staff are committed to developing and creating unique exclusive coatings, while protecting the environment.

Chemical industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) We have been developing coatings for construction, industry and pavement markers, centering on aqueous coating, and are renowned for our aqueous techniques. Our thick-film techniques are also highly evaluated. Our soundproofing coatings, anti-condensation coatings, and heat-shield/thermal insulation coatings have attracted much attention in recent years for their outstanding efficiency.
(2) For heat-shield coatings, we used the 2010 New Technology/New Product Development Support Program Subsidies of Ota City, and succeeded in developing SL Refle-Coat, a coating with high solar reflectance exceeding 60% even for black coatings.
(3) Ten years ago, we also succeeded in developing a hybrid coating by combining organic and inorganic materials using silicon, as well as a 100%-inorganic coating which can be easily removed by water wiping even when water-based/oil-based inks or oils are attached. We started selling these products in 2014.

[Representative's message]
We engage in the following two kinds of activities. (1) We will continue to use our accumulated top-class techniques for developing special coatings to meet customers’ demands. (2) We will contribute to society by developing eco- and human-friendly coatings, centering on aqueous coating. We are also keen to form partnerships with overseas manufacturers, particularly in Southeast Asian markets, with a view to exporting our products and creating technical partnerships. We want our coatings to be renowned for quality rather than quantity.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
(1) We will accelerate overseas development of “SL Coat Series”, a heat shield/thermal insulation coating. We will supply products to Indonesia through a Japanese-affiliated construction material manufacturer, and plan to start full-scale exports.
(2) We have started exporting our “Masking Color” product for consumers, which can be applied, removed and applied again, to South Korea and Singapore last year. We have started negotiating with agents and trading companies in various countries.
(3) We will expand overseas while receiving support and guidance from Ota City, Tokyo, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), such as for overseas exhibitions and trading.

[Awards and media coverage]
Ecology Promotion Award (2012), Merit Award (2013) and Prize for Best Performance (2015) at the Ota City New Product and New Technology Contest, Best 100 of Good Design Award (2013), iF Design Award (2014), Wonder 500 (2015)

The Nikkei and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

ISO 14001

[Intellectual property]
Trademarks and designs

[Transaction form]
Indirect sale through sales agents in principle

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
(1) Soundproofing coatings: Automobile manufacturers, and major machine tool manufacturers(2) Anti-condensation coatings: IHI Corporation, Central Japan Railway Company, Fujitsu Limited, Metro Corporation(3) Heat shield/thermal insulation coatings: Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd., Ministry of Defense (official residences)(4) Inorganic coatings (major construction material manufacturers and Shin Kabukiza)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
(1) Heat shield/thermal insulation coatings: Turkey (Izuminal) and Vietnam (food factories)

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