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We offer integrated manufacturing of precision press parts such as wristwatch parts and auto parts

The foundation of our company is our integrated production technology for ultra-energy-saving, high-precision parts and precision press parts. This was gained from our many years of wristwatch part production. We machine and grind difficult-to-cut materials. Our company also manufactures auto parts, wristwatch parts, medical equipment parts, information device parts, and aerospace plane parts, including related molding molds, jigs, and tools. Our electronic control fuel injection nozzle component for automobiles has gained a share of about 30% of the market. We have a plant in Thailand where diesel engine fuel injection components are machined, ground, pressed, and assembled.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
At the base of our company’s technological strength remains the DNA of ultra-energy-saving, high-precision part manufacturing technologies that we evolved in wristwatch part production. Our electronic control injection nozzle component dramatically improves automobile fuel efficiency and environmental regulation compliance, and it has gained a share of approximately 30% of the global market. We will continue to grow as a company that always creates the future and survives the times. We will do this just as we did in the past by shifting from wristwatch parts to electronic components, IT device parts, medical equipment parts, and auto parts. 

[Business Description]
Integrated manufacturing of precision press parts, and machining and grinding of difficult-to-cut materials 
Manufacturing of various precision machine parts (auto parts, wristwatch parts, medical equipment parts, information device, parts, and aerospace plane parts)
Various molding molds, jigs, and tools

Metal product manufacturing 

[Product and Technology Strengths]
(1) Press working: We apply precision press working technology for wristwatches to manufacture ultra-high-precision press parts for automobile fuel injection components. We particularly excel at boring ultra-fine diagonal holes in SUS stainless steel materials (about diameter 0.1 mm, mass production), precision press working (stainless steel), and sheet forging (forgings with a processing accuracy of ±0.005 mm).

(2) Machining and grinding: Ultra-fine hole drilling (diameter 0.10 mm ±0.005 mm) in difficult-to-cut materials, combined processing of precision machining and press working, and grinding (±0.005 mm dimensional tolerance).

[Representative’s Message] 
We hope to contribute to solving energy issues and environmental improvement faced by humanity, by manufacturing products (fuel injection components for engines).

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
We are currently expanding our business as a supplier of machined, ground, pressed, and assembled parts at our overseas operation site. This centers on our plant in Thailand, through cooperation between our plant in Japan and the plant in Thailand. 

[Market Share and Rank]
Our fuel injection nozzle component (for gasoline) has a 30% share of the global market.

[Awards and Media]
Excellent Award, the 1st Monozukuri Japan Grand Award; Local Community Contribution Award; 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs; Grand Prix at Good Company Grand Prix 
NHK World Newsline, “Surviving Crisis with Company Power: 15 Points of Wisdom from Unique Top Companies”

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 9001; TS 16949; ISO 14001

[Joint Research and Development]
11 projects.

[Main Customers and Track Record (in Japan)]
Direct delivery: Seiko Epson, and Denso

[Main Customers and Track Record (overseas)]
Direct delivery: Robert Bosch GmbH Group, and Delphi Corporation

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