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Latest update: 21/04/2021 15:54:13

Matsuo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Our line-alarm system shoplifting prevention devices have a 60% share of the domestic Japanese market.

Our company manufactures and sells Losscon products for articles displayed at electronics retail stores and so on. These products are security devices in which a sensor switch is attached to a displayed product. An alarm is set off when the sensor switch is taken off or the cord is pulled out. These devices have already acquired a share of more than 60% of the domestic Japanese line-alarm system security market. We provide all after sales services including installation, operating instructions, follow-up, and maintenance. Our motto is “ship today's order within the day,” and we try to complete the shipment even when the order is very sudden. We aim to increase our sales in emerging countries and other overseas countries by developing rechargeable type products. 


[Product description] The main features of our Losscon Evolution are user friendliness and easy operation with the remote control, malfunctioning parts indicated by LED indicators, and continuous monitoring on batteries during blackouts. Other specifics are noted below. An alarm goes off when an abnormality is detected. These include the sensor switch falling off a displayed product or being disconnected from the unit, cutting off the cord, pulling out the adaptor, or opening the battery cover. It continues monitoring in backup mode (runs on batteries) during a blackout or after the breaker drops (at night). The unit can be turned on and off or reset by the remote control. A single unit can monitor a maximum of 10 items. Up to five units can be connected with a LAN cable, on a single AC adaptor. LED lamps indicate malfunctioning parts. Specifications Dimensions: W 180 mm × D 60 mm × H 34 mm. Weight: 460 g. Sound volume: 90 dB. [Market share/Ranking] These products have acquired a 60% share of the wire shoplifting prevention and alarm device market in Japan. [Authorization/Certification] A Japanese patent has been obtained. [Intellectual property] A Japanese patent has been obtained (Japanese Patent Application No. 2009-165983).

[Product description] This device was developed for patients with intractable neurological diseases, with a focus on muscular dystrophy and ALS. This jointly developed product aims to improve quality of life for patients with intractable neurological diseases, with a focus on muscular dystrophy and ALS. Convey can save five button functions and bell ringing operations on a single switch. It is composed of a compact body and a display section, and can be installed in a small space. There are four types of switches on the unit. These are easily operable with a small amount of force using the fingertips, neck, jaw, and feet, depending on the patient's condition.