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Latest update: 26/06/2023 22:36:39

Kishimoto Industry Co., Ltd.

We offer precision plastic machining, and design and manufacture various jigs and tools.

Our company provides machining for composite plastic materials. This is done using our core technology of Full Flat high-precision plate machining technology, which excels in thickness precision and surface roughness. Our strengths lie in designing and manufacturing products with excellent precision, surface roughness, and transparency as well as various jigs and tools. We can provide solutions even for difficult projects. Metal is coming to be replaced by plastics in the recent trend toward lighter and thinner materials. We can provide high-precision machining for plastic plates, with a tolerance of ±0.03 mm, and a surface roughness as low as Ra 0.1. We pursue high precision, high quality, and user friendliness to satisfy a wide variety of user needs. 

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[Company strength]
Our products excel in precision, surface roughness, and transparency, and we can design and manufacture jigs and tools with the same properties. These properties and our ability to offer solutions are our strong points in combination with our ability to offer solutions to difficult projects that had been abandoned by other companies. Dimensional accuracy is critical when replacing metal with resin. Our high-quality machining of super engineering plastics and composite plastic materials is highly valued by designers at our customer manufacturers because the tolerance is within ±0.03 mm. We can sell machined plates and respond to detailed requirements from R&D departments, such as detailed specifications that are not even in the drawings. This is how we have been able to please our existing customers.

[Business description]
Our company provides many services based on our core technology of Full Flat high-precision plate machining technology, which excels in thickness precision and surface roughness. We perform high-precision plastic machining (high-mix low volume production and trial manufacturing) for automobiles, measuring devices, semiconductor equipment, and various other industrial devices. We offer high-precision milling for plastic plates for plastic and metalworking manufacturers. We handle processing of high-precision, highly transparent visualization parts for R&D departments in fields including medicine and biology. We also design and manufacture various jigs and tools for production technology departments and R&D departments, and take on prototype manufacturing, R&D assistance, and other kinds of operations. Composite plastic materials are increasingly coming to replace metals, and we offer machining for these materials. 

Precision plastic machining; various jig and tool design and manufacturing; R&D support

[Strength of products/technologies]
Full Flat machining is our original high-precision machining method for plastic plates. This method enables high-quality machining within a tolerance of ±0.03 mm with a surface roughness as low as Ra 0.1. (This was measured on a machined acrylic material, and the figure may change depending on the material.) We are pursuing higher machining precision based on these figures. Our polishing-level surface roughness, flatness, and parallelism are suitable for appearance parts, and also for sections where pressure resistance and adhesion are important. It clearly satisfies various functional requirements for materials that will replace metals. 

[Representative's message]
Give us the drawing, and we will produce the product. We welcome abandoned projects. These are our company’s principles. There will be no compromise on machining precision and finishing. We have acquired advanced skills and experience and achieved differentiation by devising ways to solve difficult problems that our customers brought in, and by continuous trial and error. It is no exaggeration to say that our technologies were nurtured by our customers. We will continue to develop new technologies and new markets without being satisfied with our current capabilities. This will be done by adding more value to our technologies through aggressively taking on challenges.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company participates in exhibitions and business conferences in Tokyo five to six times a year, and we receive inquiries through our website. All together this brings us up to five new customers every month. We tend to demonstrate our dimensional accuracy and surface roughness in the production of mechanism parts, and also for industries where metals are being replaced. Customers in R&D fields seem to value transparency. We currently focus on the domestic Japanese market. We have just started to prepare for future transactions with overseas customers by creating English catalogs. We also visit and display samples at overseas exhibitions with the cooperation of the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization.

[Awards and media coverage]
Commendation at the Ota Ward New Product/New Technology Contest (2012); Tokyo Metropolitan Business Design Award, Category Award (2012). 

Nikkei Veritas magazine; Tool Engineer magazine; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Nippon Television Network, “News Every.” 

[Joint research and development]
Resin Cutting Device and Method (Japanese Patent No. 3973226, June 2007). 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Test piece production (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical and Konica Minolta, direct transactions), and Honda Motor (indirect transaction, although we participated in meetings). Design and manufacturing of transparent acrylic parts for experiments (Fuji Electric, direct transactions; TDK/Sekisui Chemical, indirect transaction with direct participation in meetings; IHI/Sharp, indirect transaction). Design, manufacturing, and assembly of jigs and tools used for experiments (Asahi Glass, indirect transaction with direct participation in meetings).Trial manufacturing of composite plastic material parts (Honda Motor, indirect transaction). Additional machining for existing products (Asahi Glass, indirect transaction).Prototype making with super engineering plastics (Toppan Printing, direct transaction; Toshiba Materials, indirect transaction). 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Design, manufacturing, and assembly of jigs and tools for experiments. 

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Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization
Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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