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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:33

Shinano Sangyou Co., Ltd.

We manufacture plastic precision parts by machining.

Our company conducts precision machining manufacturing of plastic products on consignment. We manufacture parts by machining with the latest computer-controlled machines, such as simultaneous four-axis and five-axis machining centers and composite lathes with a Y-axis. Our skilled workers also machine sheet materials and round bars with machines for carving and other processing. We can process plastic materials as a specialist manufacturer by making use of a method suitable for their characteristics and provide parts appropriate for their purpose. We manufacture parts for a wide range of industries related to electric machinery, semiconductors, production equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, and R&D.


Sales Pitch

Manufacture of precision parts and products through machining
Our specialty includes machining with the latest machine tools, such as 3D machining and simultaneous 4-/5-axis machining, as well as combined machining with an NC lathe having Y-axis. 
We manufacture various items from general electrical insulation materials to high-precision parts, covering 3D machining to combined machining.
Maximum machining range: 1600 mm for X-axis and 800 mm for Y-axis.
Is your metal component too heavy? Should it be lighter? Does it leave scratch marks on the product often? Do you want to make it slide and less noisy?

If you want to switch to a plastic component, or if you need one or two prototypes, we can respond in a short time.

Our company also deals with highly heat-resistant functional resins, and various other materials, including conductive resins, anti-static materials, low-distortion materials, and food hygiene compatible materials.
Our product inspection scheme:
-Introduced Keyence XM series 3D measuring instrument and IM7000 image measuring instrument in January 2017.
-Mitutoyo's image measuring tools, Quick Scope, surface roughness gauge, and electronic height gauge.
-Other on-site equipment includes Faro articulated 3D measuring instrument.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We manage our business with due care for the three elements of technology, quality, and punctuality. We possess technology capable of satisfying user requests for small-lot production, articles not large enough for production by molding, and frequent shape and dimension changes. We check and inspect products at manufacturing and shipping for quality management. We observe delivery dates for punctuality. We have gained customer trust by thoroughly maintaining these three elements within the company. Delivery date management is the most important for customers. We create a work schedule for each transaction so that we can check its progress every morning and respond to customer inquiries right away.

[Business description]
Our company specializes in plastic machining, and we manufacture parts by machining. We machine sheet materials and round bars by making use of the latest computer-controlled machines, such as simultaneous four-axis and five-axis machining centers and composite lathes with a Y-axis. Our skilled workers also operate machines for carving and other processing. We manufacture parts under complete consignment arrangements. We receive requests from a wide range of industries related to electric machinery, semiconductors, production equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, and R&D.

Precision plastic machining

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our main products are precision machine parts, labor-saving machinery parts, medical equipment parts, and jigs. We also support processing from high-mix low-volume production to mass production for star wheels, guides, covers, rollers, and washers. Plastic materials readily shrink, extend, or warp when machining generates heat or imposes stress, or the ambient temperature changes. We consider the material’s properties and characteristics so we can use an optimal method to minimize impacts on products. Dimensional tolerances are kept to within ±0.05.

[Representative's message]
In 2014 our company participated and registered in a trade fair for Ota City Monozukuri craftsmanship companies and the state of NRW, Germany. This was held at a German exhibition for Industrie 4.0 next-generation manufacturing. We also participated in an international industry-university joint symposium of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and RWTH Aachen University as an event prior to the European market study session. We are an official company of the Ota City Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project Promotion Committee, and we have planned our advance into aerospace-related industries with bobsleigh technology as our weapon. In 2014 we visited the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK for study purposes. In December 2014 we concluded a contract to accept overseas trainees. We have advanced every year by adopting simultaneous five-axis machining centers and composite lathes for composite machining, and we implemented dedicated CAD and CAM to make use of this equipment. We will continue to invest in equipment to further improve our accuracy.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We actively participate in various exhibitions and follow up with visitors. We visit potential customers when necessary to develop new sales channels. We periodically update our website to continue to dispatch new information. We purchased English learning materials to overcome the language barrier for overseas expansion. We also created a company brochure in English, and changed the language to English on the reverse of the calling cards for all our staff.

[Awards and media coverage]
Excellent Company certification by Ota City in FY2008; Tokyo Credit Union Association, Special Encouragement Prize (2014); First Ota Brand PR Contest, Championship.

NHK TV Shutoken News, "Vibrant Backstreet Workshop" (2009); TV Tokyo WBS, "Backstreet Workshop" (2009); Wall Street Journal, "Backstreet Workshops Vibrant Even after the Lehman Shock" (2010); Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, "Skills of Backstreet Workshops Supporting Monozukuri Craftsmanship" (2010); Toyo Keizai; and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Direct transactions for coil shafts and related parts with a major electric machine manufacturer; delivery of guide rails and star wheels to a production line equipment manufacturer; delivery of trial products to the laboratory of a housing equipment manufacturer; supply of parts to manufacturers of semiconductors, automobiles, medical equipment, construction machinery, and food and beverage production equipment.

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