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Sinko Co., Ltd.

We provide development and micromachining of various materials for electronic, medical, and automotive equipment.

Our core business is to machine and develop various materials. Our machining includes cutting, grinding, polishing, and grooving. We have an integrated production system in the material machining field covering from growing materials for magnetic heads to micron-order machining, sputtering, bonding, and assembly. We apply our integrated machining technology to electronic parts and medical equipment. We manufacture monocrystalline sapphire, monocrystalline ferrite, polycrystalline ferrite, and lead-free glass in-house in the material development field. We are promoting in-house manufacturing of main and auxiliary materials. Features of our company include our capability to maintain all equipment in-house.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our core business is to cut, grind, polish, and groove various materials. We will expand our core business upstream to the materials field and downstream to the assembly field. We can further expand our business to various fields because we have many customers and possess many kinds of general-purpose equipment. Our stock of general-purpose equipment includes used articles. We can maintain most of this equipment in-house (maintenance by the manufacturer is not required). We have a maneuverable organization because we are a small company. Each of our divisions (division managers) determines quality, delivery, and cost with their customers.

[Business description]
Our company’s industrial field comprises development, cutting, polishing, grooving, micromachining, and manufacturing with various materials. Our core business is to cut, grind, polish, and groove various materials. We possess integrated machining technology for magnetic heads (material development, micron-order machining, sputtering, bonding, and assembly). We have applied this technology to expand our business to fields including electronic parts, medical, office and automotive equipment, and information and communications. We manufacture growth materials in-house, including monocrystalline sapphire, monocrystalline ferrite, polycrystalline ferrite, and lead-free glass.

Electronic, medical, office equipment, and automotive materials; various material micromachining, development, and manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our original parts and products include sapphire part manufacturing (integrated production from growing monocrystalline sapphire materials to processing wafers and small articles) and magnetic heads. We conducted integrated production from growing monocrystalline ferrite materials to manufacturing magnetic heads for videotape recorders until September 2014. We are now developing magnetic heads for other uses. We also manufacture polycrystalline ferrite materials and lead-free glass, and manufacture auxiliary materials such as wire rollers in-house. We provide OEM production involving cutting, grinding, polishing, and grooving various materials. We offer burr-free machining of SUS and nickel materials, which is popular among our customers because barrel and other kinds of processing are unnecessary. We also offer micromachining of glass, metals, ceramics, and so on (for the electronic, medical, office equipment, and automotive fields). We conduct in-house maintenance of the equipment we possess.

[Representative's message]
Each division manager in our company has the right to authorize new development and determine quality, delivery, and price. This is how each division builds up a track record. We actively participate in exhibitions and visit and exchange information with customers and business operators. We are working together (business collaborations) with companies in Japan who have equipment and technologies that are not available from our company. We are working together outside Japan with a Chinese company (consignment machining and material imports).

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The manager of each manufacturing department or section in our organization has the right to determine quality, delivery, and price and directly deals with customers. We are ready to take quick action. Our staff in the sales engineering department deal with new customers and overseas business. The person responsible for manufacturing becomes a liaison after the shift from trial manufacturing to mass production.

[Market share/Ranking]
We had a 100% share of the market for magnetic heads for videotape recorders for seven years from 2008 (until September 2014).

[Awards and media coverage]
Governor of Niigata Prefecture, Technical Prize, for the development of monocrystalline ferrite materials (Technical Prize); Governor of Niigata Prefecture, Technical Prize, for the development of monocrystalline sapphire materials (November 2011).

Nihon Keizai Shimbun; Sangyo Times; Niigata Nippo; NST, “MORE DREAM” (August 2009).

Acquired ISO 9001 (April 2004) and ISO 14001 (July 2005) certification.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We do business with 81 companies (including 34 major companies), including trial manufacturing transactions. Our customers include public organizations such as universities and institutes of industrial technology.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
(1) Three major Korean companies (delivery of magnetic heads for videotape recorders; direct transactions).(2) Two Chinese SMEs (import and consignment machining of materials; direct transactions).

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