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Latest update: 18/03/2019 17:54:26

Yamaguchi Kinzoku Tosou Co., Ltd.

We are a specialty powder coating plant that handles both samples and mass production

We are a powder coating provider. Our company possesses an automatic line facility with a 200-meter trolley conveyor. Iron phosphate film treatment is widely adopted as a coating preparation method in the industry, but we apply zinc phosphate film treatment with shower sprays instead. This is done to maintain after-coating quality with its excellent durability and adhesion. Our powder coating plant can handle a wide range of projects from small amounts of samples to mass production regardless of the size, from small 10-mm articles to 4-meter works. Our plant is certified or designated by a number of major manufacturers as their production plant. We especially excel at powder coating for house construction materials, iron fences, major household appliances, and metal furniture that is used outdoors.


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[Company Strengths]
Our powder coating equipment includes an automatic line facility with a 200-meter-long trolley conveyer. It provides high-durability, high-adhesion zinc phosphate film treatment with a shower spray (the industry mainstream is cheaper iron phosphate film treatment). We also possess a draining drying furnace, automatic coating machine (reciprocator), manual spray coating machine, baking drying oven, and wastewater treatment equipment. Our powder coating plant can handle works of various sizes from 10 mm to 4 meters, and volumes from  small amounts of samples to mass production.

[Business Description]
Our company was established as a solvent coating business in June 1966. We have since shifted our business from solvent coating to powder coating due to market needs that have been affected by environmental problems and quality issues. These issues caught our attention and we built a dedicated powder coating plant in 1988, which has been in operation until the present day. This is the same plant for which we obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2008. 

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[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our company possesses a facility to handle works of various sizes from 10 mm to 4 meters in length. Zinc phosphate film treatment is applied to the works as pretreatment to maintain quality long after coating. This is because it has excellent quality preserving effects in terms of durability and adhesion. Polyester resin coating is highly weatherproof, and suitable for construction materials that are used outdoors. Our plant is certified or designated by a number of major manufacturers.

[Representative’s Message] 
Our company shares a management philosophy with the employees, which is to contribute to society by offering products we are confident about, and satisfying the customer. This is based on our thirty years of experience in powder coating. We aim to become a company that manufactures safe and secure products, while satisfying customers who want high-quality products.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion] 
We further reinforced our production capacity by replacing equipment that could affect quality, such as the drying furnace and coating booth.

[Awards and Media]

[Certificates and Licenses]
ISO 14001

[Main Customers (domestic)]
Major house construction material manufacturer (road-related protection fences, house constriction materials and parts); major household appliance manufacturer (home-use lighting equipment); many others

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ