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We manufacture special made-to-order hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders even from a single piece. 

Our company excels at hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder production and sales, especially products with irregular shapes that are not found in standard cylinder lineups. We also make small-lot, irregularly shaped hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with limited applications, and related products with an associated mechanism (such as cushion cylinders, vibration absorbers, and dampers). We manufacture these components in-house from material procurement to parts manufacturing. Products are then checked by inspectors one-by-one before assembly and pressurization and control testing. Our hydraulic and mechanical vibration absorbers for pipe supporting devices (intended for plants) have also been delivered to electric power plants both in Japan and overseas. 

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[Company strength]
Integrated production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders: We have accumulated technologies and know-how over our 60 years of operation in this field. We have channeled these advantages into the cylinders that our customers design so as to perfect the final products to the required level. We receive orders for customized cylinders that usually have little mass productivity and different shapes and sizes. These cylinders can be manufactured without limiting the application. Our production process involves parts going through the process of material procurement, parts making, and other special manufacturing processes before being finished. Finished products are checked by individual inspectors one-by-one, and then moved to assembly and pressurization and control tests. We established this system as a way to ensure that our cylinders conform to customer requirements. Machining with general-purpose lathes, NC lathes, machining centers, drilling machines, and other machining tools are available within our company.
We also have a long-established partner network in the Keihin region that can provide other processing services. These services available from our partner companies include thermal treatment (such as quenching, annealing, high-frequency processing, and flame hardening). Our partners also support surface treatment (nitriding, Parkerizing, phosphate coating), plating (electric galvanizing, hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating), and machining (BTA, honing, grinding, EDM, welding). 

[Business description]
Our company has been engaged in hydraulic cylinder assy production since its establishment. We mainly produce automobile shock absorbers, agricultural machinery cylinders, construction machinery cylinders, conveyor machine cylinders, machine tool cylinders, and so on.
We were later involved in producing large plant hydraulic vibration isolators and mechanical snubbers, and marine hydraulic cylinders that conform to ABS standards and NK standards. This was because of our past record in hydraulic cylinder production. Now we also manufacture hydraulic cylinders for public works and amusement equipment. Our previous hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder production for general industrial machinery and construction machinery led to our manufacturing critical safety parts for hydraulic and mechanical vibration absorbers. These are used for pipe supporting devices in plants. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Integrated cylinder production: We perform parts processing from manufacturing to assembly in-house based on a design provided by the customer, and then deliver the finished cylinders to the customer. Design drawings from the customer are verified before production, and we add the information necessary for manufacturing and assembly (such as a special allowance of 1/100 mm and balancing). Products are inspected during the manufacturing process, and then tested for performance to ensure reliability before delivery to the customer.
Cylinder production (special critical safety parts): We can manufacture special cylinders that need to have higher quality and precision than ordinary hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. These include die cushion cylinders, knockout cylinders, balance cylinders, injection cylinders, mold clamping cylinders, and so on.  Production of hydraulic and mechanical vibration absorbers: We have manufactured critical safety parts (hydraulic and mechanical vibration absorbers) for pipe supporting equipment. This resulted from our production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for general industrial machinery and construction machinery.  We can manufacture cylinders that have higher quality and precision, and the cylinder parts can be in various sizes. For example, we can make hydraulic valves with a shaft diameter of O 10 mm, 3,000-mm piston rods, or cylinders with an inner diameter of O 1000 mm. 

[Representative's message]
The previous president started manufacturing in a backstreet workshop in 1953, and we have met various customer requests since then. This makes it possible for us to deliver various hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with different shapes, sizes, and applications to many customers. Our utmost priority is quality. We securely maintain quality due to our committed employees and partner companies that support our production. The previous president used to say: "Trust is infinite capital," "Serve selflessly," and "Put others before yourself." He also said: "There will be no success if you don't work hard," "Unfairness is a deadlock to your career," and "Work in harmony, and live with a smile." We will keep this advice in mind, and continue to make satisfying products with all the zeal and zest that we can muster. We will make use of the experience we have obtained through our years of work since our establishment. We may not be able to enter a competition if it is only for the lowest price and quickest delivery. We want to remain a trusted partner to our customers. We will do this through the manufacturing practice that only we can conduct, without falling short of our reputation as a Made-in-Japan, Ota Brand manufacturer. Please contact us if you are interested in such Monozukuri craftsmanship.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Members of the existing departments (sales, procurement, production, and inspection) work together when responding to new inquiries and offer their own expert opinions. Some of our staff members have experienced import/export business and working overseas for other manufacturers, so we can support or trade directly with overseas companies. 

[Awards and media coverage]
We received the Honorary President Award at the 1st SME Association Convention (1966), as well as certificates and letters of appreciation from our customers.


[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Aida Engineering (die cushion cylinders for press machines, balance cylinders, knockout cylinders, lift cylinders, clamp cylinders); NHK Spring (hydraulic vibration isolators for pipe supporting equipment used in power plants and plants, mechanical vibration absorbers); Toshiba Machine (injection cylinders for die casting machines, mold clamping cylinders, and accumulators); and so on.All products are directly delivered to major companies (100%).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our products are delivered to end users and plants around the world after being added to the final products manufactured by the companies noted here. 

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