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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:09:34

Takamaru Engineers Co., Ltd.

Manufacture industrial robot systems on a made-to-order basis

It has been 40 years since we started dealing with industrial robots. We have designed and manufactured robot systems for welding, conveying, burring and laser cutting in accordance with customer’s requirements on a made-to-order basis. Our know-how, production capability and network competence that we have accumulated enable us to provide sophisticated services. Taking advantage of our ability to look at characteristics of robots objectively from different manufactures, we have developed a robot technology business. As robots have become essential in every industry for better efficiency, we have been devoted to robot operator training.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We provided a series of services from planning, design, manufacturing, installation, operation preparation, maintenance and operator training to introduce an industrial robot as the first case ever in Japan at ARTC (Amagasaki Robot Technical Center) opened in 2007. Consultation (to reinforce the effect brought by investment of robot), trial (acceptance test before installation in the plant) and robot operation school (technical training for robot operators) are available.

[Business description]
Under the management principle of “Be a proud manufacturer of autonomous robot systems and create unique products to contribute to improvement of manufacturing of every field, leading to development of the entire society,” we design and manufacture robot systems for welding, conveying, burring and laser cutting in accordance with customer’s requirements on a made-to-order basis. With our 50 plus years of company history, we have extensive experience in planning, designing and manufacturing oversized equipment installed in factories and designed and manufactured positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, automatic welding machines, etc. on a made-to-order basis.

Manufacture general machine and tools

[Strength of products/technologies]
Pursuing the concept that “the robot industry follows the PC industry” and “developing the business and products that became key for the PC industry will be essential for success in the robot industry,” we have been developing robot technology business as one of few manufacturers that can objectively observe characteristics of various robot makers. Robots will be indispensable for better efficiency in any industry so we have been putting much effort in training robot operators. 

[Representative's message]
Many manufacturers in Japan address the cost risk issues brought by competition from other Asian countries. Under such circumstances, we believe industrial robots will be a solution to the issue. The Japanese Government has announced various measures by proposing a new industry revolution with robots as reduced production age population (macro) and simple but heavy work with insufficient human resources (micro) will cause productivity to stagnate and significantly hinder growth. We, a manufacturer of industrial robots with 40 years of experience, are certain that we can contribute to the growth of the Japanese industrial business world.  

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We received Award of Excellence at “IT Promotion Competition 2014 (hosted by Hyogo Federation of Small Business Association)” with our website for developing new marketing channels, videos posted in SNS and reinforced company information. We have many inquiries about our industrial robots from overseas as well as many foreign visitors to ARTC. The system shipped outside of Japan accounts for 10 to 30 % of our whole sales. As there will be a risk for us if we directly sell our system to an overseas company, we would like to do so through a Japanese trading company.

[Market share/Ranking]
There are no other manufacturers as competent as we are, being able to objectively observing robots made by different manufacturers, select a robot best fit for a user’s requirements and provide it as an incorporated system.

[Awards and media coverage]
Governor’s Award for Hyogo Creative Business Grand Prix, March 2012, Special Award of Selection Committees’ choice for Hyogo No. 1 Monozukuri (manufacturing) Award, March 2014

“Kirari Keizai,” Sun Television aired in January 2015, Paper published in “Aiming at becoming an eco friendly future city” of Amagasaki Institute of Regional and Industrial Advancement in January 2015

2010: Approved for Specified R&D Plan No. Kinki 0908046-1
2012: Construction Business Certified by Hyogo Prefectural Governor (Han-24) No. 218432
2014: Approved for Management Innovation Plan Shinan (Ken) No. 1304

[Intellectual property]
December 2008: Patent No. 4227483 Automatic Welding Machine
April 2011: Patent No. 4733367 Robot System for Spot Welding
September 2010: Patent No. 4578152 Robot to Mount Nuts, etc.
September 2013: Patent No. 5356910 Double Axes Positioner and others

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Robot system for construction machine manufacturers: over 250 systemsRobot system for heavy industry manufacturers: over 100 systemsRobot system for heavy electric manufacturers: over 50 systemsRobot system for automobile manufacturers: over 50 systemsRobot system for shipbuilding manufacturers: over 30 systemsRobot system for bridge constructors: 20 systemsRobot system for steel manufacturers: over 20 systems

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have supplied a number of overseas plants of Japanese manufacturers: Toshiba Corporation in India, Hino Motors Ltd. in Thailand, Umetoku Co., Ltd. in Indonesia, Toyoshima Co., Ltd. in China, Koretsune Seiko Ltd. in China and others

[Exhibition History/Information]
“Business Matching Fair” hosted by Credit Unions in Osaka Prefecture “Monozukuri (manufacturing)” 08 Booth
Where: My Dome Osaka, 2nd floor Exhibition Hall
When: June 3-4, 2015 10:00-17:00

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