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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:09:27

Ebara Printing Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive printing such as UV printing, UV varnish printing, and thick paper printing.

We are a comprehensive printing company founded in 1959. We have learned various printing skills and techniques and striven to make technological innovations, acquiring unique high-quality technology. The UV printing for drying inks quickly by exposure to UV radiation has made it possible to realize prompt processing of materials on which it had been difficult to dry inks. We can deal with printing paper up to a thickness of 1.05 mm. We make, under contract, general printed matter including presentation boxes for precision machinery companies, and general printed matter including brochures, application forms, and terms and conditions for non-life insurance and life insurance companies. Our factory employs sound insulation to maintain a noise free environment in the surroundings.


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[Company strength]
Factory with sound insulation capable of preventing sound leaking to the outside; ISO 14001 acquisition; ISO 9001 acquisition; Green Printing (environment promotion factory) acquisition; All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations CSR certification; Non-VOC mark certification; Eco Action 21 acquisition; FY2005, FY2014 Ota-ward Excellent factory certification, Energy conservation/power saving measures (NIHON TECHNO CO., LTD.); Greening measures; Film recycling measures; and In-house integrated process (integrated in-house system from planning, production to bookbinding).

[Business description]
We supply presentation boxes, PP bags, etc. using UV printing, to precision machinery companies who are among our main customers. We offer printed matter centering on brochures, application forms, terms and conditions to insurance companies and our sales personnel offer direct consultation upon new printed matter and supply products meeting our customer's needs as required.

UV printing, UV varnish coating, thick paper printing, and packaging

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our technological competence includes: UV printing (technology for quickly drying inks by exposure to UV radiation during printing, making it possible to realize prompt processing even of materials on which it had been difficult to dry inks so far); thick paper printing (we can print paper up to 1.05 mm thick. Ordinary printing machines have a thickness limit of 0.3 mm, and we utilize a process called slip-sheeting in order to provide thick paper printing); and hi-vision printing and color universal design, CUD (we propose improvement in brochures, etc. upon creating pseudo-samples using our unique conversion program as to how people with color vision deficiency see printed matters).

[Representative's message]
We have learned various printing skills and techniques, striven to make technological innovations, and acquired unique high-quality technology since our founding in 1959. We are working together to achieve improvement in printing technology basically with an eye on quality and environment. We conduct our unique customer satisfaction surveys, hold in-house study meetings based on these surveys, make proposals to customers with our unique methods (universal design, stone paper, etc.) and naturally adhere to privacy policies, service agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDA), etc. As a result, we can process our customer’s requests promptly.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Three fundamental management policies:
1. Environment enrichment and betterment (best shortcuts for advancing humanity)
(1) Environment enrichment and betterment are the origin of all activities.
(2) It is a fundamental principle to pay attention to the conservation of the Earth and local environment and to do activities friendly to such.
(3) Form good habits. Endurance is a key of growth.
(4) Be polite, purify places and keep our promise.
(5) Foster awareness and develop contrivance and thinking power.
2. Customers First (for customer appreciation)
(1) Find pleasure in doing business satisfying customers and being appreciated by customers.
3. Priority principle (narrow down thoroughly)
(1) Stick to hands-on policies for making effective use of limited management resources.
(2) Train employee to enhance humanity and share a sense of value. Create good corporate culture.
(3) Offer original articles of commerce and services and pursue in-depth study.
All of our employees are determined to be engaged in doing business on the basis of the three fundamental policies above. These are the highest priority and goal for every division.

[Awards and media coverage]
Awarded the JFPI chairman' award in 2015, 14th Printing Industry Environmental-conscious Blue-chip factory awards.

"Insatsu Shinpo" weekly, Itadan Newspaper, "Nihon no Insatsu" (Japan's Printing) magazine, and "Tokyo no Insatsu" (Tokyo's Printing) magazine

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We deliver general printed matters including presentation boxes to precision machinery companies, and general printed matter including brochures, application forms, and adhesive terms and conditions to non-life insurance and life insurance companies. We also deliver printed matter in response to direct orders from companies listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

[Exhibition History/Information]

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