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KANEKO Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

We have confidence in manufacturing light, thin, short, small parts that are difficult to machine.

We are a manufacturer of precision parts such as endoscopes in the field of medical equipment and aircraft engine parts. We excel at five-axis precision machining and have advantages in manufacturing light, thin, short, small parts that are difficult to machine. Our company handles many kinds of materials from titanium and resin to super engineering plastics.  We can satisfy requirements for processing materials as thin as 0.15 mm as well as micron-order tolerance requirements. We can also manufacture products from ultra-small to micro sizes, from 1.2 to 5 mm in diameter, and have experience in deburring fine medical equipment. We provide our products to the world's second-largest manufacturer of flexible endoscopes and a total of seven major manufacturers of aircraft and other products in Japan.


Sales Pitch

To expand sales channels
Corporate strength
Our strength is the processing of parts that are light, thin, short, and small + difficult (difficult work, difficult-to-cut materials). We can handle everything from one piece to mass production by making full use of our processing know-how regardless of the material, such as metal or super engineering plastic. Regardless of processing only, we will prepare jigs and tools design, technical documents, work procedure manuals, QC process charts in a specialized department, and we will respond with traceable procedures that meet 100% of customer's requirements. We also have world-class equipment such as the introduction of a 5-axis machining center manufactured by Germany.
Internal system for market development/overseas expansion
There is a dedicated overseas sales department, and there are several employees who have overseas expatriates and overseas experience. In addition to business negotiations with overseas buyers, we are able to create documents in English and directly communicate with customers, including trading practices. In recent years, we are putting more effort into overseas business development, such as by exhibiting alone at overseas exhibitions.
Message from the representative
Our company has obtained both medical device quality ISO 13485 and aerospace quality JIS Q 9100 (mutual certification with US AS9100 and European EN9100). We provide reliable precision cutting and assembly technology backed by double certification in both fields, which is unprecedented in major manufacturing industries. We have been responsible for precision cutting and assembly of metals, resins and ceramics for 60 years in Saitama City, the capital of the adjacent prefecture of the international city of Tokyo. We have a rich track record of 40 years in the endoscope field and 30 years in the aerospace field, which deals with aircraft engine parts, etc., so you can trade with confidence.
Features of main products and technologies
Leading life science with "ultra-precision processing technology"!
Since our founding in 1956, we have consistently challenged to improve cutting technology. Based on the processing technology of optical equipment parts, we have challenged more difficult processing technologies such as medical equipment parts (endoscope parts) and aircraft parts, and have been trying to make high precision cutting technology unique. In addition to the high reliability of its technology in the processing of parts in the fields of optical equipment, medical equipment, and space and aeronautical equipment, we have received high praise from domestic and overseas clients in terms of safety and security.
We are good at manufacturing that fuses ultra-precision processing and craftsmanship!
Please leave the processing and assembly of light, thin, short, small and difficult (difficult work, difficult-to-cut materials) parts. We will provide stable supply (from one piece to mass production) of high quality regardless of metal, resin or ceramics.

● Thin
Material: SUS304 (endoscope parts)
● Join
Material: SUS303 (main body) SUS304 (pipe) (endoscope parts)
● Difficult to cut
Material: Inconel, titanium, etc. (aircraft parts)
Also supports jig design and jig processing!
We support outsourced processing from each customer. For outsourced products, it is essential to handle jig design and jig processing, and we will carry out integrated production as much as possible. Furthermore, we also support only jig processing and accept a wide range of requests.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
KANEKO is specializing with manufacture thin, short, micro and difficult  (complex shape, difficult-to-machine materials) parts. 

Regardless of the materials such as metal, super engineering plastics,  Kaneko can produce stable quality products from one to the mass production. 

Also, other than manufacturing process,we design own jigs at the specialized department and create technical documentation, work instructions. we will create a QC process chart, which will correspond traceability possible steps to fully meet customers demend.  In addition, Kaneko has number of the German made 5 axis machining center as well as other latest machines. 

Our advantage is the capability to manufacture light, thin, short, small parts that are difficult to machine. We can make use of our processing know-how to manufacture products from single articles to mass production. We can handle metals and many other kinds of materials, including super engineering plastics. Our business is not limited to processing. Our specialist department designs tools, creates technical documents, work procedure manuals and QC process charts, and satisfies customer requests 100% with traceable procedures. We possess five-axis machining centers made by a German company and other equipment that is accepted around the world.

[Business description]
Medical instrument components (Endoscopes and circulatory system related components)
We carry out a wide range of business operations from processing, to the finished product including sub assembly of medical equipment .
 Our main manufacturing parts are used for critical section such as distal end which are used inside human bodies, high precision optical components, and operation components. 

We have been taking on the challenge of applying our base technologies for optical equipment parts to handle more difficult processing technologies. Our goal is to achieve unique high-precision machining technology from endoscopes and circulatory organ parts in the medical industry to parts in the aircraft industry. Our company is highly appreciated among many clients because of our highly reliable technologies for part machining in the fields of optical equipment, medical equipment, and aerospace. We are also highly valued because of the safety and peace of mind that come from our experience in handling a great many parts with life-and-death significance.

High precesion parts manufacturing for medical,optical related OEM equipment . 

Precision medical equipment and aircraft part machining and assembly 

[Strength of products/technologies]
Example1: Complicated configuration at a circumference of 3mm-13.5mm. All of these burr-free components are handmade and they realize strict allowance, smooth work assembly and safety when entering inside the human body.

Example2: Some of KANEKO's part has thickness of only 0.3mm and made from resin. The thin processing finish makes it seem transparent and it has the appearance of a molded component. We also make the impossible possible with our original machining technology which cannot be imitated by other companies with thinness levels at 0.15mm and small components the size of sesame seeds. 

Example3:We process components while placing importance on quality with all materials such as difficult-to-machine materials and ceramics.

Our company excels at five-axis precision machining. We possess many unrivaled technologies that are high enough to meet requirements for processing materials as thin as 0.15 mm as well as micron-order tolerance requirements. We can make use of our processing know-how to manufacture and stably provide quality-oriented, high-accuracy products made of metals and many other kinds of materials, including super engineering plastics. Product finishing by skilled engineers is an advantage of our company. We provide burr-free, high-accuracy precision parts.

[Representative's message]
We pledge to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers by always aiming at the highest level.
We have always chosen a thorny path with passion for manufacturing. What’s underlying is our pride and persistence in manufacturing, and our indomitable determination to understand and sympathize our customers and absolutize their wishes. Our technology of today is a result of our pursuit of such ideal.
But our challenge never ends. It’s our sincere desire to keep thrusting our way through even tougher roads into the highest level as science and technology develop.      We hereby pledge to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers all over the world engaging in the medical or airline industry, which concerns “human lives”, with determination to support safety, relief and reliance without limits.

Our company has acquired certification for both medical equipment quality (ISO 13485) and aerospace quality (JIS Q 9100; mutual certification with U.S. AS9100 and European EN9100). We provide precision machining and assembly technologies endorsed by double certification in both fields, which is unprecedented even among major manufacturers. Our company has been engaged in precision machining and assembly of metal, resin, and ceramic parts for 60 years in Saitama City. This is the capital city of Saitama Prefecture, next to the international metropolis Tokyo. We have 40 years of experience in the endoscope field and 30 years in the aerospace field, where we handle aircraft engines and other parts. This wealth of experience ensures safe transactions.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
KANEKO has global sales department and, there are number of experienced employee who are expart with overseas business. Compamy is enabling the direct interaction with overseas customers, including creating the paperwork and trade in English. In recent years, we have put more force towards overseas business development such as participating overseas exhibition individualy. 

Our company has a dedicated overseas sales department where we have assigned several employees with experience in overseas assignment or residence. We can negotiate with overseas buyers and also handle direct transactions with customers by creating documents in English and carrying out trading procedures. We are now focused on overseas business expansion with efforts including independently participating in overseas exhibitions.

[Market share/Ranking]
Holding 90% of delivery share of high precision parts for Flexible endoscopes to the world's second largest manufacture. 

Has over 30 years of business experience with 7 major aircraft equipment manufactures.(Including major heavy industory manufactures ) 

We have a 90% share of deliveries of precision parts to the world's second-largest manufacturer of flexible endoscopes.
We have a history of 30 years of continuous transactions with seven major aircraft manufacturers in Japan (including major heavy industry companies).

[Awards and media coverage]
【Business Awards】
 2013:   TOP 100 Diverse Companies 
  ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2012:  Received the certificate of appreciation
   (Kanto bureau Economy, Trade and Industry)

2009: Certified for SAITAMA CITY LEADING –EDGE 
  (Saitama city government) 

2007: The top 300 energetic Small / Medium company in manufacturing industry  
  ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) 

【Media 】
2014年 Compamy has published in Nikkan Kogyo newspaper 
2013年 Compamy has published in Yomiuri newspaper 
2013年 Compamy has published in Asahi newspaper 
2013円 Compamy has published in Saitama newspaper 
2013年 Compamy has published in Fuji sankei business-eye newspaper

300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2007); Saitama City Technology Brand Company (2009); Letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2012); Diversity Management Selection 100 (2013).

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (2014); Yomiuri Shimbun (2013); Asahi Shimbun (2013); Saitama Shimbun (2013); Sankei Business-I (2013).

 ISO 9001( JQA-QMA11566) 
 ISO 13485 (JQA-MD0066) 
JIS Q 9100( JQA-AS0014)  
Eco stage (EST-174(1)) 

Company also obtained medical instrument production permission under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in order to differentiate ourselves from other component processing manufacturers. 
For more active in expanding overseas with a focus on technology processing of medical instrument components Kaneko has also registerd for FDA ( Food and Drag administration) . 

ISO 13485, ISO 9001, JIS 9100, medical equipment manufacturing license, and FDA registration.

[Joint research and development]
Three-dimensional electronic endoscope apparatus _ Patent 2015-19715

Stereoscopic Electronic Microscope (Unexamined Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-19715).

[Factory (domestic)]
Iwaki Factory (Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture) 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Over 40 years of experience for parts delivery to major domestic medical manufactures. 

Over 30 years of experience for parts delivery to major jet engine and aircraft fuselage manufactures. 

We have been delivering parts to major medical equipment manufacturers in Japan for 40 years.
We have been delivering parts to a total of seven major manufacturers of aircraft engines and airframes in Japan for 30 years.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Business experience of parts delivery directory to the Western Middle East Asia's leading international medical equipment manufacturers. 

Continued delivery of precision parts for surgical robot, implantable circulatory system components and, laser therapy equipment. 

Direct deliveries of parts to several major overseas medical equipment manufacturers in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia. We have been supplying continuous deliveries of precision parts such as operation robot parts, implanted circulatory organ parts, and laser treatment device parts.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ