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A professional group in imaging and power electronics

Image equipment for power electronics and professional use are our two mainstays. We cover a wide range of fields, centering on measuring equipment and power source equipment, ranging from electronics solutions for automobiles including PHV and EV, to equipment for smart grids. A particular strength is power conversion technology using regeneration technology. We provide many applications in a variety of categories ranging from device development to production inspection in the field of energy “creation,” including bidirectional power supply, the field of energy “storage,” including DC power supply, and the field of energy “saving,” including smart meters. In the image equipment business, our broadcasting non-compressed high-definition recorders were used by NHK in developing super high-vision systems.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are a certified company of the 2014 Second Yokohama Intellectual Property Mirai Enterprise. This title is given to a company certified as reinforcing the economic infrastructure through intellectual property activities and which intends to grow, by Yokohama city based on its evaluation. We strive to produce valuable products as a core company supporting the economy of Yokohama city.

[Business description]
Since our foundation in 1973, we have been producing products using our own development strengths and unique know-how centering on two areas: power electronics, which underlies the lives of people and society, and imaging, which enriches our lives. Amid rapid changes in diverse values, we have been adapting for over 40 years with our established technology and experience and are determined to continue providing products with creativity and high added value and services to customers.

Manufacture of power source equipment, video equipment, and electronic measuring equipment

[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) Power supply equipment: We propose applications that can be used in various situations including the development of power supplies and devices and production inspection. We meet various needs with our unique multi-functional products such as electronic load equipment featuring regeneration capability for both AC and DC and AC power supply equipment, as well as withstand voltage testers designed with various specifications in a wide variety of models.
(2) Image equipment: We constantly seek the potential of high-definition imaging and provide equipment to meet the needs of professionals who handle images. We propose 4K/8K systems through the development and production of non-compressed recorders for 4K/8K, FE super-resolution units, and 4K converters and sale of image equipment made by foreign manufacturers such as AJA Video Systems, USA.
(3) Electronic measuring equipment: We develop and produce FM/AM standard signal generators, audio analyzers, AV-related inspection equipment as well as electronic measuring equipment related to broadcasting and telecommunication technology including GNSS (global navigation satellite system) and VICS (vehicle information communications system).

[Representative's message]
We are actively expanding sales channels to foreign companies by improving our sales system and participating in exhibitions. We seek to bring benefits to customers and win their trust by providing better products and services under our corporate philosophy of “Keeping the Customer Happy.” We intend to help create a better society and conserve the global environment by providing products and services using our own technologies as a professional imaging and power electronics company.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have 16 members in the domestic sales division. Sales engineers from the engineering field work with them to provide proposals to customers. We set up the Overseas Department dedicated to overseas operations and welcome inquiries from foreign companies. We are developing a network of agents in other countries.

[Market share/Ranking]
Although we do not have exact data, we estimate as follows: in power supply equipment, we are Japan’s seventh largest, with a market share of 5%; in non-compressed high-definition recorders, we are Japan’s second largest, with a market share of 30%.

[Awards and media coverage]
Medium and Small Business Research Institute “Good Company Award” (2010)

Transistor Technology “Ripple Voltage and Noise Voltage” (April 2015 issue); Monthly FDI included an article on our compact 4K focus assisting device in its feature on NHK’s Program Technology Exhibition (March 2015); Defense Technology Journal included an article about test power supplies on the ground for equipment onboard aircraft (May 2013); and many others.

ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001 certification, 2nd Yokohama Intellectual Property Mira Enterprise Certification (2014), Kanagawa prefecture SME model factory certification (2014)

[Joint research and development]
Patent registered “Image enhancing equipment and image enhancing method” (patent no. 532058); “electronic load equipment” (patent no. 3470296); a total of 16 patents owned

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Canon (image-related equipment, more than 10 years), Panasonic (image-related equipment and power supply equipment, more than 10 years), NHK (image-related equipment, more than 30 years), Sony (image-related equipment, more than 10 years), and many other major companies (total of about 50). We do business with about 200 companies in total including small and medium-size companies.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have supplied power supply equipment to manufacturers and research institutes in South Korea, Taiwan, China and the US, and image equipment to manufacturers in China (over 20 years).

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