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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:06:26

Kato Kenma Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We are a group of grinding engineers who satisfy customer needs with micron-level accuracy.

Our company mainly performs precision grinding as well as part manufacturing for molds and special-purpose machines, machine tools, and jigs and tools. We use various grindstones for a wide range of materials. We guarantee precision of 2 μm or better regarding dimensions, flatness, parallelism, and squareness with our plane grinding equipment. We can perform processing of diameter 0.5 or larger with out in-house grinders. We have achieved precision of 2 μm or better for outside diameter concentricity. We have a system for fully ensuring quality by making use of various measuring instruments and completely controlling temperature and humidity to prevent changes in product dimensions.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company is a group of grinding engineers who satisfy various precision grinding needs. We apply the grinding technology we have been accumulating for more than 50 years to manufacture various precision parts. Measurement techniques as well as techniques for operating various kinds of grinding equipment are required to achieve micron-level precision. We control dimensions and precision by making use of a wide range of measuring instruments and gauges as well as the measurement techniques of our expert staff. We have temperature control and air cleaning equipment in our plant and control room temperature to 20 °C ± 1 °C. This is to prevent changes in product dimensions so we can fully ensure precision.

[Business description]
Our company offers precision grinding services. We also manufacture parts for press dies, plastic molds and special-purpose machines, machine tools, jigs and tools, gauges, and so on. We manufacture products in an integrated manufacturing system, and we perform various kinds of processing including machining, heat treatment, polishing, and EDM based on drawings. We can also take on all kinds of other orders that require grinding.

Precision grinding; jig and tool, gauge, and precision machinery part manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We will strive to further improve the grinding technology we have been accumulating since our foundation in order to contribute to various fields and customers. We have not yet done business overseas, but we believe that our technology will also be required by foreign companies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has been in business for 60 years. We have focused on training skilled workers as a group of engineers who perform part grinding in units of a thousandth of a millimeter. We aim to improve our processing accuracy by actively making capital investments. We satisfy customer needs with our integrated in-house manufacturing system. Our president actively handles new transactions. We aim to do business overseas by establishing a system for accepting international orders and so on, because we have not yet had any overseas transactions.

[Awards and media coverage]
300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2008); Ota City Excellent Factory (1999 and 2009); Brilliant Technology, Shining Companies: World-Class Monozukuri Craftsmanship in Tokyo (2012).

Many newspaper articles including “Prime Minister Kan Visits a Factory” and “Tokyo Governor Ishihara Visits a Factory;” The Nikkei, “Grinding Difficult-to-Machine Materials such as Titanium and Inconel.”

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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