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Latest update: 24/06/2017 02:18:00

SGM Corporation

Our company supplies highly reliable switches that are entirely manufactured in Japan.

Our company designs, manufactures, and sells switches and electronics circuits used in power sources, operation control, and switching. The structure of our switches is designed to ensure high contact reliability. This is done by adopting methods such as two-point contact, clip-type contact, and twin contact. We realize high-quality switch production by keeping the entire production process in Japan. Our products have already been used in a wide range of articles including communications equipment, industrial electronic devices, disaster prevention devices, security devices, and construction machinery. We plan to enter the fields of medical devices and space engineering, where higher precision is required. 


[Product description] Sturdy: These products are built to withstand the severe environment of a construction site. High evaluation: These switches have been favorably received for operation control panels or remote controls because of the jumbo-size knob. Waterproof performance: IP67 (waterproof panel), Normal rated power: 6A 125V AC; 3A 250V AC. Installation: M12.

[Product description] Flat knob: Offers enhanced operability and comfort to the operator. Normal rated power: 6A 125V AC; 3A 250V AC. Knob length: 17 mm (6 mm in width). Installation: M12.

[Product description] Push lock switch. Heart cam realizes smooth locking. Twisted terminal makes it easy to solder. Normal rated power: 10A125VAC; 5A250VAC. Installation hole: M3 and diameter 3.2, with 20 mm pitch.

[Product description] Extra-thin, rotary DIP switches; 7.2 mm at the corners, and 3 mm in depth. Washable without disassembly. Two knob shape options are available (flat and shaft types). These products are often used for configuration on circuit boards. Steps: 10 and 16. Packaging type: stick packaging, and reel packaging. Normal rated power: 100 mA 5V DC.

[Product description] Ultra-compact detection switches: 3 mm (height), 3.8 mm X 1.8 mm (corners). They can be operated with a light touch of less than 30 gf. The self-cleaning twin contact method realizes high contact reliability. Knob lengths: 1 mm, 1.8 mm, and 3 mm. Packaging: Reel packaging. Normal rated power: 50 mA 12V DC.

[Product description] Switches with high contact reliability (two-point contact is adopted). Realizes a comfortable operational feel that cannot be found anywhere else. Toggle/push operations make these products suitable for a wide range of needs.