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Mitsuya Co., Ltd.

A pioneer in the plating process, with technology actively used in space.

We perform surface treatment of aerospace and aircraft components as well as medical, smart grid, in-vehicle and electronic parts and components. With about 80 surface treatment techniques, we provide some 700 companies with various surface properties, including corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and wear resistance, in line with customers' needs. We are developing more sales channels both in and out of Japan by participating in various exhibitions, and are training human resources capable of doing business in foreign countries in order to expand overseas. We have made company-wide efforts to ensure effective BCP since 2007, and are ready to provide whatever support is needed in case of facility damage to any of our units such as a factory.

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Sales Pitch

Appeal to overseas companies
Mitsuya's strength
For precision plated parts, our company provides a one-stop service from material purchase to the finished phase through small-lot high-mix production. Please contact us if you need plating technology for manufacturing precision parts (e.g., automotive parts, electronic parts, aircraft parts, and so on).

Other presentation

[Company strength]
The Technical Center is engaged in developing next-generation technology and conducts joint development with the R&D divisions of customers. The Equipment Division develops our own designs, conducts assembly and production of plating equipment and provides technical support for equipment and production technology. The technical and quality assurance divisions of each factory provide development and analysis services using various surface treatment equipment. We created BCP programs for the entire company in 2007 and put in place a system that allows us to support factories that suffer damage and need restoration.

[Business description]
Our company performs surface treatment for aircraft, aerospace, medical, smart grid, communication, in-vehicle, electronic, and information equipment parts and components. We provide surface treatment technology to some 700 companies including major electric-appliance manufacturers and automakers. We have four factories including two in Tokyo, one in Kofu and one in Yonezawa, and, as part of the Head Office divisions, the Technical Center dedicated to technical development and the Equipment Division engaged in equipment design and installation.

Surface treatment

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have about 80 surface treatment techniques. We can provide customers with various surface treatment properties they want, including corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, hardness, glossiness, reflectivity, and solder wettability. These techniques satisfy the demands of various fields, including automobiles, aircraft components, aerospace, marine, semiconductors, medical, smart grid, communication and trains.

[Representative's message]
We participate in exhibitions generally three times a year to explore sales channels. We also explore sales channels outside Japan by displaying our products at overseas exhibitions and on foreign-financed BtoB sites. We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries for complex, advanced surface treatment technology from Thailand and Taiwan in our overseas operations. We have provided our own black films to Taiwan's space development organization. We aim to become a global niche corporation doing business with foreign companies, particularly in Southeast Asia, through our strategy of handling the entire process, from order reception or product processing to surface treatment, while working with business partners with advanced technologies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales divisions set up in our four factories identify new customers, and the head office's Technology Center and the Development and Planning Division deal with new technology and development projects. To explore new customers, our Exhibition Project selects which exhibitions we should participate in. We are taking various steps to expand overseas, including providing English language training to about 10% of all employees as part of the global human resources development initiative, participation in overseas exhibitions under the Overseas Exhibition Project, listing on BtoB sites as part of global projects, and operation of the English website.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our global share of in-vehicle special sensors is 40% (according to data of Hitachi Automotive Systems).

[Awards and media coverage]
300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2008), Grand Prize of the Tokyo Metropolis Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise Manufacturing Human Resources Development Grand Prize Governor's Prize (2011)

TV Asahi "Wakadaisho Yuyu Sanpo" (aired on April 2, 2013), Shinagawa-ku's History 2014, Shinagawa-ku, and many other media

We have acquired ISO 9001, JIS Q 9100, Eco Stage 2, and KES certification.

[Factory (domestic)]
Gotanda, Hachioji, Yonezawa, Kofu

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
NEC Toshiba Space System (plating of parts to be installed in satellites, for several decades), Hitachi Automotive System (plating of in-vehicle parts, since 2000), NEC (plating of parts related to submarine cables, for several decades), Denso (plating of in-vehicle parts, since 2014), and many other major electric-appliance and electronic component manufacturers

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We provide special black film to Academia Sinica, Taiwan's equivalent of Japan's JAXA, and silver plating to a Spanish solar cell manufacturer. We have received orders for all processes, from arranging materials to forming parts.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Major exhibitions in which we plan to participate in 2015 include the 16th IC Packaging Technology Expo, Medtec Japan 2015, and the 19th M-Tech.

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