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Latest update: 23/08/2021 10:12:19

Nisshin Industrial Ltd.

Redefining the standards of injection moulding

Thinking out of the box, Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has always been breaking the limitation of conventional injection molding, and implemented the most unique technologies in injection molding engineering. 
Some of those developments include; paintless metallic plastic, filler orientation control, and plastic PES lens. Quality of our paintless metallic parts is already proven and used in European models of Honda 06 Civic.

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Sales Pitch

Medical Device Manufacture · Development
Premium All Resin Forceps
1. About Product
 Medical instruments manufactured with only resin, not using any metal parts.
- It is made of All Plastic which does not use any metal parts.
- Nisshin Industrial Ltd. has own unique joint structure (PCT patent pending).
- It is possible to impart a color tone to prevent erroneous use occurring in a medical field.
- With no painting, high added value metallic color can be realized.
- Variety of resin material is abundant, it is possible to manufacture from flexible to high strength.
Moreover, it can manufacture up to autoclave compatible products.
Resin lenses have the following merits compared to glass ones.
(1) Lightweight
Compared to glass lenses, the weight can be reduced by 50%.
(2) The high degree of freedom and flexibility in design
For example, it does not easily break or chip when a U slot is bored. This characteristic may lead to rationalization/streamlining of manufacturing processes.
(3) Diversification of materials
You can select a variety of materials such as PC (polycarbonate) and acrylic resin, depending on the heat source of light.
Plastic PES Lens
Our unique plastic PES lens would be an effective alternative to conventional glass lenses as they are far more lighter and flexible in designing. Some of the advantages are: 
■About 50% lighter than glass.
■Greater flexibility in designing which typical glass products are not capable of.
■Greater efficiency when assembling headlights. Flexible positioning of holes and grooves allows reduction of the time required for optical alignment. Typical assembly time could be reduced from 17 minutes to 3 minutes.
■A wide range of plastic materials such as PC or heatproof PMMA can be used depending on the temperature of light source.
-The forceps are entirely made of resin, with no metal parts in it.
•It has a fitting structure unique to Nisshin Kogyo (PCT patent pending).
•Color can be added to prevent them from being incorrectly used which can occur in medical settings (such as mix-ups).
•It can have a high-value-added metallic color without painting.
•Resin materials come with considerable variation, allowing for a wide range of products with varying degrees of strength, including those for autoclave processing.

Past product records, certifications/standards, etc., acquired so far.
•ISO 9001
•Medical device manufacturer's license (Registration No. 13BZ201133)

Click here for details:
http: //
Since the forceps are lightweight, slim, and compact, they can be put in helicopter ambulances for transport to disaster/conflict areas.
Other applications include components for educational/training kits, handcraft tools, fishing gear, and tweezers.


Metallic Plastic1.pdf


Metallic Plastic2.pdf

Orientation Control1.pdf

Orientation Control2.pdf

Plastic Pes Lens1.pdf

Plastic Pes Lens2.pdf

Other presentation

As a full-range solution provider in injection molding engineering, we have considerable expertise in developing unique resin products, special injection molding machines, and unique resin materials developed in collaboration with material/compound manufacturers. We also provide our cutting-edge solutions to overseas companies in the forms of consultation and technical licensing. 

・Filler Orientation Control for various weld line issues and interface issues.
 Product examples: Automobile components and parts, Medical equipment, Materials for residential buildings
 Possible industrial applications: Aviation, Robotics 

・Extra Thick-Wall Molding 
 Product examples: Automobile LED headlight lenses, Dedicated LED light lenses
 Possible application: Surgical LED light lenses

・Paintless Metallic Plastic Molding
 Product examples: Automobile components and parts, Medical equipment, Materials for residential buildings, Household appliances, Consumer electronics

[Technical licensing and consultation]
 Examples: Technology transfer, Research and development, Product co-development

For more details, please visit our website.

[Awards and media coverage]
Excellent Plant certification in the overall rating by Ota City (2012); Next-Generation Craftsman Award from Ota City for our senior engineer (2013). 

ISO 9001

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Marketing Support Department, SMRJ
Hokkaido Head Office, SMRJ

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