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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:20:07

Matsuda Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell custom-made punches and dies that are used as cold forging die parts.

We manufacture punches and dies that are indispensable for making precision die parts. We have established a system to conduct small-lot production of ultra-high-precision products and articles with complicated shapes. We can also support quick delivery, sudden changes of specifications, and design changes. We can manufacture abrasion-resistant, high-precision custom-made products made of ultra-hard material. Ultra-hard material is attracting attention in place of special steel, which has been the mainstream material for cold forging. We can also manufacture punches for in-vehicle battery cases for EV vehicles, PHV vehicles, and so on. We have established a mass production system to shorten production lead times and reduce the cost of next-generation energy vehicles.


[Product description] This product is a custom-made punch. The finishing polish is fully applied. We can support any kind of needs regarding the tip shape, such as circles, ovals, hexagons, 12-sided polygons, and other special shapes. For shank portions we can process block shapes, circle shapes, and other irregular shapes. We can reliably realize a proposal in line with the customer’s needs in wrapping and surface treatment.

[Product description] Our customers’ press technology will be remarkably improved by enhancing the shot number. Customers are sure to perceive the high operating life expectancy, high stability, and high straightness with our complete polishing finish. We support processing from abrasion-resistant ultra-hard material to ultra-fine particles. We can deal with bearing processing for any shapes, as well as circle shapes. Please place an order with us when you want to enhance the stability and accuracy of your press processing technology, and extend the operating life expectancy. Our bearing processing technology for irregularly shaped tips is second to none, and cannot be done by any other company.

[Product description] The use of this product is widely expanding both for transfer and impact. We can support any thickness and any depth. We can manufacture products using either special steel or ultra-hard steel. We can finish the most important portion as a mirror surface. We can support needs in various fields covering from vehicle-related parts to next-generation energy parts by using deep-drawing punching. Our products are also utilized for manufacturing processes in which high precision is required, such as battery cases.


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