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Matsuda Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and sell custom-made punches and dies that are used as cold forging die parts.

We manufacture punches and dies that are indispensable for making precision die parts. We have established a system to conduct small-lot production of ultra-high-precision products and articles with complicated shapes. We can also support quick delivery, sudden changes of specifications, and design changes. We can manufacture abrasion-resistant, high-precision custom-made products made of ultra-hard material. Ultra-hard material is attracting attention in place of special steel, which has been the mainstream material for cold forging. We can also manufacture punches for in-vehicle battery cases for EV vehicles, PHV vehicles, and so on. We have established a mass production system to shorten production lead times and reduce the cost of next-generation energy vehicles.

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[Company strength]
We have two adjacent factories with 2,500 square meters of space including our headquarters plant and north building. We have installed about 110 sets of state-of-the-art NC machine tools. We make full use of this equipment and technology to respond to all customer needs. We have the top share in the industry in the field of custom-made products. Our technology is supported by our major customer companies and we have received direct orders. We have devised in-house processing for all steps except thermal treatment and surface treatment. We can ship products in a couple of days, whether it is a single piece or 50 pieces. Same-day shipping is also possible in the quickest case. We have confidence that we can find solutions for problems that could not be processed by other companies. Please feel free to contact us for any complicated, difficult processing.

[Business description]
Precision die parts manufacturing and sales: We manufacture punches and dies that are used as die parts for cold forging. We mainly deal with custom-made products, rather than so-called catalog products and standard products. We particularly excel at irregular shape processing and difficult processing. We have succeeded in manufacturing abrasion-resistant, high-precision ultra-hard products on a custom order basis. Ultra-hard material is attracting attention in place of special steel, which has been the mainstream material for cold forging, so we provide products that conform to market needs. We can also manufacture deep-drawn punches for in-vehicle battery cases for EV vehicles, PHV vehicles, and so on. We have also established a mass production system to realize weight reduction, shortening delivery time, and cost cutting for batteries. These have been the biggest problems in achieving further full-scale diffusion of next-generation energy vehicles.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We manufacture products under a fully custom-made system, so we have no catalog or stock numbers. We can support custom-made manufacturing. We have maintained our aggressive investments in plant and equipment. We make a point of installing state-of-the-art NC machine tools such as wire EDM machines, machining centers, and profile grinders. These machines are effectively arranged with full consideration of the line of flow. We are refining our technology by making dedicated jigs for each product, and so on. We excel at manufacturing difficult products such as ultra-hard irregularly shaped punches and blade point bearings (lands), which cannot be made by other companies. We have devised in-house processing for the steps from machining to grinding by making full use of our stock of about 110 NC machines. We are positively evaluated by customers for the overwhelming difference with other companies in our quick delivery, including same-day shipping in the quickest case. We are also praised for the accuracy and abrasion resistance of our products.

[Representative's message]
We are a precision parts manufacturer founded over 50 years ago. We have continued our aggressive investment in plant and equipment. We possess approximately 110 machine tools at present, but we are not satisfied with simply increasing our stock of machines. We possess ever-advancing technology with which we can make full use of the specifications of these machines. We excel at difficult processing, irregular-shape processing, and the like. We deal with custom-made products in which we receive drawings directly from the customer, rather than so-called catalog products, in order to respond to customer needs. We are now developing new direct sales with a focus on products we developed as an enterprise with a business innovation plan approved by the Osaka Prefectural Government. Every year we participate in the MECT held in Nagoya, and we work hard to introduce our company and our products, as well as to cultivate sales. Please feel free to contact us first if you have drawings that could not be manufactured by another company, or any other problem.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
With reliable Japanese quality: Our production base is located only in Japan. We are not thinking of expanding to an overseas factory. This is because we are particular about Made-in-Japan Japanese Monozukuri craftsmanship. However, we are aggressively developing overseas sales. We sell products through major companies in Japan. We also sell products through a major trading company. We had been selling products in the domestic Japanese market mainly to trading companies, but we are now strengthening our direct sales in order to develop new customers. We directly visit customers, with a focus on automobile-related parts manufacturers, in order to receive new orders. This is done by introducing our new products such as our ultra-hard irregular-shape punch, and by offering sample products. Please try our sample products first.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the top market share in the field of irregular-shape punches and custom-made products.

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Comfortable Factory (1995); Top Prize in the enterprise sector of Osaka Craftsmanship: Attractive Monozukuri with Prosperity (2007).

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (2000).

Enterprise with Approved Business Innovation Plan selection by Osaka Prefectural Government (2011).

[Factory (domestic)]

[Transaction form]
Direct transactions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Direct delivery: Misumi group, Daihatsu Motor, YKK, Murata Machinery, Shimano, Punch Industries and Saga Tekkohsho, and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Indirect delivery: USA.

[Exhibition History/Information]
MECT 2015 (Nagoya) held on October 21-24, 2015: We participated this year as well!! We always appreciate exhibition visitors.  

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