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Latest update: 14/01/2020 14:19:26

Ogic Technologies Co., Ltd.

Our company has established a presence with our unique NIPOLYN plating technology.

We are engaged in the business of surface treatment such as aluminum anodizing, electroless nickel plating, and electrolytic polishing. We are extending our business in a wide range of fields from power semiconductor devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment to automobiles and electronics and electricity. Our main customers include Denka, Mitsubishi Electric, and Tokyo Electron. Our unique NIPOLYN plating technology has excellent water repellency, mold releasability, non-adhesiveness, and low friction resistance. This technology has established a presence in the industry, and it is employed by a major manufacturer for their production line jigs.

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A company that is capable of various chemical processes (plating, surface treatment, MEMS support)
Precision electroforming:
Precision electroforming technology is one of the methods for producing micromechanical components that comprise micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). It accurately forms a high-performance plating film over a fine pattern created through photolithography technology. Unlike ordinary plated parts, the formed film itself is regarded as an independent component where low internal stress, high hardness, and various other characteristics are required. Generally, the film becomes thicker than an ordinary plated film. Therefore, the fine pattern has a high aspect ratio, making it challenging to produce a flawless film with high accuracy. Our precision electroforming technology is different from the etching method in that it faithfully transfers the fine pattern with a high aspect ratio in a negative shape to produce the specified film thickness at high speed without defects.

Keywords: MEMS, fine, electroforming, precision, electroforming
Nipolyn is our original plating technology that has both functions of electroless nickel plating and PTFE. By incorporating polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon) as composite particles, it brings out new functions that were impossible with metals or alloys alone. The product name is an abbreviation of electroless nickel, composite (PTFE composite plating), and nickel-phosphorus alloy.

Please see the "Photo List" for the features of Nipolyn.

Keywords: Slip resistance, self-lubrication, water repellence, uniform thickness, releasability, abrasion resistance, high hardness, conductivity, low friction, antistatic, non-stickiness, surface treatment, fluoropolymer, Food Sanitation Act

Fields of use: Semiconductors, automobiles, food, pharmaceuticals, MEMS, various devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, wafer equipment, special rubber molds, sliding parts, high-performance gears, nozzles, others
O-dent treatment:
O-dent treatment refers to an antistatic treatment that reduces the glass peeling electrification phenomenon by applying unique, self-developed chemical etching, and plating treatment. The secret of the antistatic effect lies in the fine, dense, and special pointed structure on the surface of the aluminum member. This structure makes point contact with the glass substrate and drastically reduces the true contact area. By reducing the effective area involved in charging, it reduces the generation of static electricity as well.

Please see the "Photo List" for features.

Keywords: anti-static measures, antistatic, durability, high hardness

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