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Latest update: 17/02/2020 23:20:11

Mitaka Seihan Co., Ltd.

We have both small lot equipment and mass production equipment. 
Industrial nameplate production in general.
JISQ 9100: 2016 certification has been obtained.

We are a comprehensive nameplate manufacturer with a history that spans 60 years. We mainly manufacture nameplates or labels made of metal, resin, etc. for industrial use, and we also provide precision screen printing and processing services. Our facilities are fully equipped for trial fabrication and low- or medium-volume production, and we are highly experienced in mass production of high-mix small- to medium-sized lots. We recently introduced a large UV inkjet printer at a cost exceeding ten million yen, and a production system that eliminates the need for a master plate or punching die.

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Sales Pitch

Industrial nameplates for aerospace instruments, medical equipment, and so on
Anode treatment (alumite) nameplates
We manufacture anode treatment (alumite) nameplates for various industries. Our products comply with aerospace and defense standards. We have a system for responding to advanced customer requirements. We also propose optimum QCD with hospitality, responding to requirements of customers in fields other than aerospace and defense.
High-spec machines such as MD-S 9920 3-Axis YVO4 Green Laser Marker (KEYENCE) and UJF-7151 plus (MIMAKI ENGINEERING) as well as technology
We apply high-spec machines such as advanced three-dimensional green laser markers <MD-S 9920 3-Axis YVO4 Green Laser Marker (KEYENCE)> and high-quality and high-performance UV inkjet <UJF-7151 plus (MIMAKI ENGINEERING)> to nameplate manufacturing technology. We can respond to various needs that require state-of-the-art on-demand processing equipment or the like.
Screen printing
We have equipment for both low-volume production and mass production. We can process flat and curved surfaces. We have an image setter with an output resolution of up to 3000 dpi and other equipment for in-house platemaking . We also have a system and technology for completing printing and processing in-house. We respond to customer requirements regarding turnaround time with our complete in-house production.
Building win-win relationships with other companies in the same industry
We hope to cooperate with other companies that can respond to the requirements of our existing customers. (We aim for a mutually beneficial relationship with excellent suppliers while evaluating existing suppliers.)



Other presentation

10 Strong Of Us
①JIS Q 9100 : 2016 certified company
②ISO 9001 : 2015 , ISO 14001 : 2015 compliant company
③Own factory and skill for Anodized name plate etc. 
④self-contained manufacturing system, Just on time delivery
⑤prototype and mass production equipment and skill
⑥deal hospitality with customers not just QCD
⑦reduce the cost paid by customers through rationality
⑧monitor confidential with all companies and employees
⑨value continuity and educate and train people through company management
⑩establish a sales network to the world to support the globalization of customers

<Our Strength other >
①Just on time delivery
②self-contained manufacturing system,Air press 15 to 35t, high precision Thomson press machine
③MDS-9920A (3 axis YVO4SHG laser marker)
④64 years of experience
⑤High-mix low-volume production possible
Achieve high quality requirements of customers
⑥special processing skill (combined anodizing and masking skill)

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