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Mizushima Tekkousho Co., Ltd.

We are a long-established manufacturer of castings that has a track record in meeting needs for public utilities.

Our company is a casting manufacturer established in 1917. We mainly manufacture and sell industrial cast parts and iron lids for public utilities such as waterworks and sewerage, electricity, telephone systems, water supplies, and gas. We have an integrated production system covering from casting to machining. We manufacture high-mix low-volume products with a quick turnaround to meet customer needs. We possess a wide variety of inspection devices, such as a luminescent component analyzer, image analyzer, and tensile tester. We aim to extend our business capacity by means of thorough quality management.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our advantage is that we can make use of our integrated production from casting to machining to manufacture high-mix low-volume products with a quick turnaround. We make absolutely sure of quality by using a luminescent component analyzer, image analyzer, tensile tester, and so on. The implementation of cation electrodeposition coating has made it possible to provide antirust finishing with a uniform coating thickness. We are committed to casting, and we are proud of our traditional craftsmanship and its power to supply excellent products as our advantages.

[Business description]
We have been promoting our business while improving our casting technology since our company was established in 1917. Japan is now facing the era of ageing deterioration, in which many facilities have become old, including waterworks and sewerage, roads, other kinds of urban infrastructure, and corporate factory facilities. Our company provides total solutions to promote safe and comfortable town planning. We make proposals for systematically renewing existing facilities so as to extend their operating life as well as taking disaster countermeasures. This is done while considering the maximum possible reduction of lifecycle cost. We support each customer under a system that meets the customer’s requests for turnaround, inspection, and machining from casting planning to product shipping.

Metal product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
One of the advantages of our products is our iron lid structure. This structure has a locking mechanism to securely fix the top and frame. The iron lid will withstand sudden lifting and will not be opened due to an explosion or rising groundwater level in underground facilities. Our iron lids are tough enough to withstand loads of 700 KN (T-25) or greater. Our unique hinge mechanism has reduced the number of parts and the number of worker hours for assembly. The structural enhancement of the hinge has improved the angle of rotation and attaching/detaching functions, and makes opening and closing easy.

[Representative's message]
We began our corporate history in May 1917 as a casting factory manufacturing iron lids for waterworks and sewerage. We have celebrated our 90th anniversary and have been growing every year. In 1990 we were certified as a factory meeting the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for iron castings. We enhance our products and technologies with the advances of the age. We have always continued to conduct R&D to meet customer requests of consumers with our company’s name as a synonym for industrial cast parts in a wide range of fields. All of our staff will continue to improve themselves to further raise product reliability, promote new technology R&D, and improve services.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will develop industrial cast parts and iron lids as well as new products while improving the technical power we have been accumulating for many years since our foundation. We will also improve our power for making proposals for sales as well as our corporate power. This will be done by concerted efforts in manufacturing and sales to cultivate a wide range of new sales channels.

[Market share/Ranking]
We assume on the basis of past deliveries that we have a certain market share.

[Awards and media coverage]
Gunma Prefecture One Company, One Technology certification.


ISO 9001 and JIS certification.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Fields related to public utilities (waterworks and sewerage, electricity, telephone systems, water supplies, and gas) and communications equipment.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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