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We are a hybrid wire working and resin molding company

Our company was established as a textile manufacturer in 1805. Our product line includes wire products such as drain boards, raised bases, shelf guards, intake guards, baskets, inside partitions, and other sales promotion goods used in convenience stores and supermarkets. We also offer large press or molding products for applications including household appliances such as LC TVs and air conditioners, automobile interior products, and automatic in-vehicle products. We have a production capacity of over 300 tons per month (500,000 pieces when calculated as the number of ice cream baskets).


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our strongest point  is wire working products. We have an integrated production system that covers design, manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly, packing, and shipping. Our production capacity is over 300 tons per month (500,000 pieces when calculated as the number of ice cream baskets). Our wire products for refrigeration and cold storage showcases are adopted by almost all domestic Japanese manufacturers. We take on orders for sales promotion goods and made-to-order products required for product display from anywhere in Japan in lot sizes from single articles to tens of thousands. These products include drain boards, raised bases, shelf guards, intake guards, baskets, and inside partitions. 

[Business Description]
Our company started in 1805 as a textile manufacturer at our current location. After 200 years and numerous changes it has become a unique, vibrant company with two plants in Japan and the U.S. Our Japan plant has an integrated production line for wire working products such as sales promotion goods used in convenience stores and supermarkets. This includes showcase net racks and ice cream baskets. Our U.S. plant manufactures large press products and large resin molding products. They are supplied to the household appliance industry such as LC TVs and air conditioners, and the automobile industry such as car interior parts and in-vehicle electrical parts. 

Wire and sheet metal working product manufacturing

[Product and Technology Strengths]
We possess wire working technology for making various products. Wires such as iron and stainless wire are used in a wide range of applications, from household commodities to electric appliances. This is because they are stronger than resin, and easier to fabricate in a variety of shapes, while the cost is low. These products such as showcase baskets, air conditioner fan guards, and kitchen utensils are designed to satisfy customer needs and make use of the characteristics of wire material. They are manufactured entirely in-house, including surface treatment. Our company has the technology to manufacture such products in various shapes and supply them on our own. 

[Representative’s Message]
Our management philosophy is to put our small forces to great uses for everyone. We will continue to strive to satisfy our customers, using a three-country system involving Japan, the U.S., and Mexico. Our company is part of a conglomerate operating in Japan and the U.S., and an active contributor to our local communities. We will work hard with the aim of becoming a pioneer part supplier in the industrial appliance, household appliance, and automobile industries. 

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
We will take care of everything when we are given drawings from your overseas operation department in Japan, including molding mold production, trial manufacturing, and mold export and shipping. We can offshore production to the U.S. and Mexico without inconveniencing the overseas operation department in Japan. We want to further reinforce this system while actively cultivating markets in Japan. We set up an affiliate company in Mexico in 1987 to operate the existing household appliance business from Tijuana City. We opened a new plant in the automobile-related business and started production in October 2014 in Irapuato City, Guanajuato State where many Japanese automobile manufacturers are located. 

[Market Share and Rank]
Our sales records indicate that our products have a certain share of the market. 

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