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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:18:19

NeoChemir Inc.

We develop moisturizer beauty therapy with the use of CO2 pack gel.

We mainly provide consignment manufacturing and sales of moisturizers and other beauty lotions. Some of our products, and mainly our CO2 pack gel (OEM products), are exported to Asia and some European countries. Our CO2 pack gel is a cosmetic prepared at the time of use. It involves percutaneous absorption of CO2, which activates the metabolism, thus beautifying the skin. The effects of our CO2 treatment device have been confirmed in a clinical trial at Kobe University Hospital, in which more than 10 patients received the treatment. It is also used by top athletes in their treatment and conditioning after injury. We are the only company in the world that develops this CO2 treatment. We developed our treatment agents and devices for bedsores and wounds in cooperation with Kobe University School of Medicine. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company is at the top level of global CO2 treatment development. We have developed treatment agents and devices for bedsores and wounds in cooperation with Kobe University School of Medicine. The technology has been further applied to productize a CO2 pack gel that beautifies the skin, and makes the face look smaller. 

[Business description]
We provide consignment manufacturing and sales of CO2 pack gel (main product, OEM), moisturizer, and other beauty lotions with applied chemical percutaneous absorption technology. Our CO2 pack gel is exported to Asia and some European countries.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our company focuses on basic research. Our joint research with other organizations, and mainly with Kobe University School of Medicine, has been going on for many years. This has put us at the world’s top level when it comes to CO2 percutaneous absorption technology. Our CO2 pack gel (OEM cosmetics product) is manufactured in cooperation with a partner factory. It is strictly inspected and controlled by our R&D center to maintain quality, as well as its effects and CO2 absorption. This is one part of our efforts to deliver only the highest-quality products to consumers. 

[Representative's message]
CO2 treatment has been gaining recognition only in recent years, and has received a number of prizes from medical associations worldwide. It is achieving academic success while proving its effectiveness in actual treatment, but the safety of CO2 and its effectiveness for health and beauty are hardly known to general consumers. We strongly hope to promote our highly safe, immediately effective CO2 percutaneous absorption technology and our original products from Japan to the world. This includes our CO2 pack gel and CO2 administration devices.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have knowledge and experience regarding cosmetics exports because of our past exports to several countries. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Kinki Bioindustry Promotion Conference Award, 3rd Japan Bio Venture Grand Prix (February 2004); Regional Development Award, new business subsidiary offered by Senshu Ikeda Bank (December 2004); 2006 NBK Grand Prix, The New Business Conference Kansai (November 2006); 10th Bio Business Competition Japan Encouragement Award (February 2010); Health Science Business Selections (December 2014).

All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting (October 2012); Asahi Broadcasting, “Cast” news program (June 27, 2012); Asahi Broadcasting, “Morning Bird” (December 11, 2011); Kobe Shimbun (October 15, 2011); Chemical Daily (December 1, 2010); and many others. 

[Joint research and development]
Our company has been developing CO2 treatment and CO2 administration devices with Kobe University School of Medicine since 2007. We made use of the results of this joint research and obtained basic patents. These included patents for a muscle enhancer and muscle weakness prevention agent and a bone growth promoter and fractured bone healing agent. The results of this R&D are also used for relieving fatigue and enhancing athletic abilities. They also improve metabolic syndrome and locomotive syndrome, and are effective for apoptosis induction in cancer cells (in which cancer cells kill themselves with no side effects). We have been able to apply for basic patents in many countries. 

[Intellectual property]
We have filed 65 patent applications in Japan and abroad, of which 23 applications have been granted (as of March 2016).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Exports of CO2 pack gel (Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, and so on).

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