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Latest update: 28/02/2018 18:34:02

Iida Denshi Sekkei Co., Ltd.

We are developing specialty outdoor-use AED storage BOXes.

We are a sheet switch manufacturer that started from printed circuit board manufacturing. We have been developing AED storage BOXes of outdoor-use type. Our goal is to solve the problem that “an AED installed inside a facility fails to save the life of a person who is at an outdoor location”. The AED storage BOXes can be installed outdoors even when there are large temperature changes, and indoors. The AED storage BOX includes an opening, which is formed at eye height for showing the presence of the AE, and is fitted with an acrylic plate with a thermal barrier film bonded to it. A temperature sensor operates if the AED main body is exposed to direct sunlight, so that rear cool air is forcedly sprayed to the surface of the AED through the duct, thereby preventing the temperature from rising. These outdoor-use AED storage BOXes are specialty products not available elsewhere.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are a manufacturer of membrane switches (sheet switches) which only need a touch with a finger. We started our business from manufacturing and sales of printed circuit boards. We are now further developing outdoor-use AED storage BOXes. Installation of the AED storage BOXes may save the lives of many people. However, we have known many cases where “an AED is not available outdoors because an AED is installed inside a facility”. Our company has started to develop “outdoor-use type AED storage boxes” in order to solve this problem, and has succeeded in commercializing them. This allows the AED not only to be installed in outdoor places which might be affected by temperature change depending on the season or the time period, but also to be effectively used in indoor places.

[Business description]
We offer outdoor-use AED storage BOX manufacturing; system development for communication devices, images, medical equipment, etc.; software, hardware, and microcomputer equipment development and design; IT and multi-media equipment development; multi-information center operation; and membrane switch design and manufacturing.

Manufacturing (outdoor-use AED storage BOXes, membrane switches)

[Representative's message]
We believe our mission is to make our manufactured outdoor-use AED storage BOXes widely available not only in the domestic Japanese market, but also all over the world in order to save the lives of as many people as possible. We will continue our research and development to allow our manufactured products to be available even in places where conventional products were unable to be installed, and fulfill your expectations.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has been providing new devices and systems to society, but has never accepted work subcontracted from major companies. We therefore largely focus on sales, and have the in-company organization and sufficient in-company recognition to implement those sales. We  not only undertake sales deployment via agents, but also indirect sales strategies by making full use of public agencies, including sales support by business navigators with approval to assess business probabilistics given by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency, announcements on our website, and various kinds of exhibitions. The current AED outdoor-use installation boxes (with temperature management) are our specialty products not available elsewhere, which have large deliveries to cities, towns and villages, so we also make announcements to local governments via the in-company sales organization.

[Awards and media coverage]
Itabashi Product Technology Prize (2010), Excellence Award for “Outdoor-use AED storage BOXes”.


Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency, Assessing Business Probabilistics Committee: Authorized as “AED remote monitor management device” business (2014)

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