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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:06:14

Tokyo Dies Co., Ltd.

Our special coating guns and compact lightweight pressure-reducing valves have been adopted in the automobile industry. 

Our company has been manufacturing carbide and sintered diamond tools on a consignment basis for over 60 since our establishment in 1948. We also developed special coating guns, compact lightweight pressure-reducing valves, and other liquid control devices. These products have been adopted by automobile manufacturers in Japan and abroad, which has expanded our business. We made the most of our extensive insight and experience with machining tool production to establish original machining technologies for difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and Hastelloy. We plan to use these strengths to accelerate customer acquisition by providing suitable solutions for customer needs.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strength as a company lies in our ability to apply our technology for manufacturing wear-resistant tools and difficult-to-machine machining tools to liquid control devices. We also have the strength to enhance performance and durability at an exceptional level. We have developed the world’s lightest, easiest-to-clean pressure-reducing valve by exchanging ideas among various departments on various development themes. This article later became one of our main products. No designer was involved in developing our can lid rubber ejection gun. It was developed by manufacturing engineers who applied their own ingenuity nurtured through daily jig- and tool-making operations. This product has been adopted by can manufacturers. Everyone in our company is committed to customer-oriented manufacturing, and maintains our efforts to enhance our corporate value. 

[Business description]
Our company has been using carbide and sintered diamonds to manufacture highly durable machining tools on a consignment basis for 66 years since our establishment. We started to develop liquid control devices under our own brand 20 years ago. This led to the development of our compact pressure-reducing valves and coating guns, which are now delivered to automobile manufacturers and other companies in various industries in Japan and abroad. We also possess extensive machining technologies for difficult-to-machine materials (such as titanium and Hastelloy). This makes it possible for us to supply products to food equipment manufacturers and medical device distributors. 

Wear-resistant product and liquid control device manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Electronic molding part manufacturers are increasingly shifting away from hard metal alloys toward more durable sintered diamond to improve productivity. Our ordinary machining technologies with sintered diamond have already been established, but we have been developing MC machining equipment to further enhance productivity. This project will allow us to reduce manufacturing time with consistent quality, thereby significantly increasing production for our customers. We receive occasional requests from automobile and can manufacturers to develop liquid control-related technologies, but we cannot disclose the information due to non-disclosure agreements. 

[Representative's message]
We prepare a business management plan every year to clarify our short- and medium-term goals, and explain the plan to all our employees at the beginning of the year. These goals are discussed further to break them down into sub-items for smaller groups based on our management policy. The results are reviewed quarterly to encourage us to achieve our goals. Our sales activities are strategically based on customer satisfaction. Our representatives try to enhance quality, cost, delivery, and other added value for each target market. Our goal in this is to increase sales to domestic Japanese can manufacturers and electric contact product manufacturers. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales engineering department has teams for design, management, and improvement to ensure quick responses to inquiries. A machining specialist (one person), product specialists (three designers), and product management specialists (three people) reply to inquiries in our operation. Staff members from the sales engineering and production departments also get together to discuss the matter if anything happens to arise. Basically we do not think that setting up an overseas site is a viable option for now. Everyone shares our mission that we should continue whatever improvements and developments we can to survive in the domestic Japanese market.

[Market share/Ranking]
Market share and industry ranking are unavailable because we produce special products.

[Awards and media coverage]
Tokyo Association of Shinkin Banks, and so on, Excellent Company Award (2014). 

Asahi Shimbun Publications, Asahi Shinsho Series, “Great Manufacturers” (January 30, 2008); Choko Chukin Bank, “SMEs and Unions” (January 1, 2008); Chikuma Shobo, “Power of SMEs” (April 10, 2014).

Class 1 medical device manufacturer license. 

[Joint research and development]
Patent registrations: Fluid Pressure Regulator (Japanese Patent Application No. Hei 08-350294), and one other item.
Joint application: Y-Shaped Metal Fitting with a Flow Restricting Valve (Japanese Patent Application No. Hei 11-154764).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Domestic Japanese and overseas automobile manufacturers (including fixed-amount presser feeders, special automatic coating guns, and compact lightweight pressure-reducing valves), electric contact molding tools, wear-resistant carbide products, and carbide cutters. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Overseas plants of Japanese automobile manufacturers (fixed-amount presser feeders, special coating guns, compact lightweight pressure-reducing valves, and so on).

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