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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:05:57

Asahi Bond Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of repair materials for the fields of civil engineering works and construction, and we are accelerating our overseas expansion.

We are a manufacturer of repair materials for the fields of civil engineering works and construction, which was founded in 1965. We mainly manufacture and sell adhesive agents for concrete structures, waterproof bed regulators, and rust prevention products. We combine aqueous epoxy resin with special cement in our waterproof bed regulators, which has enabled support for waterproofing construction that had not been possible in the past. We have reduced labor and waste treatment costs, and contributed to cost cutting for our customers. We plan to accelerate our overseas expansion, and we are considering establishing local sales offices and so on.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have been developing and manufacturing new repair and improvement materials used in the fields of civil engineering works and construction since our foundation. We have focused on injection repair materials as our core products for the past 50 years since our foundation by applying the technology power and extensive know-how we have cultivated. We are expanding sales of our high-quality, high-performance products in the field of waterproof bed regulators for waterproofing repairs. We also offer exceptional rust prevention products for restraining the progress of rust on steel. We have advantages in flexible services that cannot be expected from major manufacturers, and in specialized product development rather than general-purpose products.

[Business description]
We repair concrete structures, and manufacture and sell adhesive repair agents, waterproof bed regulators, and rust prevention products. We provide our products as a manufacturer of repair materials for the field of civil engineering works and construction while continuously developing new technology.

Civil engineering works and construction repairs; adhesive repair agent, waterproof bed regulator, and rust prevention product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have enabled waterproofing construction in waterproof repairs that is far ahead of all other competitors by combining aqueous epoxy with special cement. This method makes it possible to reduce labor and waste treatment costs. We contribute to cost cutting. Our product is made of aqueous system material, but it has excellent resistance to solvents. We also handle environmentally friendly rust prevention methods by using all-aqueous material without any heavy metals in processing from under-coating to final coating. Almost no progress of rusting has occurred with our method in five-year observations at our outdoor weathering test site. We observed significant progress of rusting with conventional rust prevention methods used by other companies. Restraining the progress of rusting will result in a two- to three-fold reduction in repainting costs.

[Representative's message]
We plan to expand our domestic Japanese and overseas markets by focusing on our all-aqueous rust prevention method. Examples in Japan include orders for trial implementation and then adoption by Minami Aso Railway for the Tateno-bashi Bridge and so on, and from the Japan Self-Defense Force at the Kasuminome Air Field. We have also received orders for trial implementation from the City of Yokohama Transportation Bureau for Takashima-cho Station and from Oriental Land. Our products will be formally adopted because the results are superior. We are willing to offer trial implementation like these examples in order to confirm performance before adoption. We aim to expand mainly in Southeast Asia, where rusting due to salt water is a problem. We do not have know-how about business in this area, so we hope to expand under tie-ups with major trading companies. We want to expand sales of our other products by strengthening our technology and supply system.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We provide quick responses to inquiries from major companies. We are willing to conduct a test implementation if required by an interested customer who wants to evaluate the performance of our product. We will aggressively work on developing new products and find a solution if our existing products cannot handle the customer’s needs. We will consider making a plan with a view to establishing sales offices and so on in order to handle exports.

[Awards and media coverage]
Itabashi Product Technology Grand Prize (FY2010).

Cement Shimbun (December 2005).

Acquired JIS A 6024 certification. 
New Technology Information Service authorization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

[Joint research and development]
Registered patents: Repair Method for Walls and Other Floating Members and Related Jigs (Japanese Patent No. 5127945), and one other registered patent.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Tokyo Gas (repairs of outer walls); Toyota Motor (repairs of waterproof roof rubber sheets); Minami-Aso Railway (rust removal work); many other major companies, government offices, schools, and facilities.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ