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Latest update: 02/09/2022 17:24:48

KSK Co., Ltd

We are a professional group that specializes in ultra-precision processing.

We are a manufacturer that specializes in ultra precision parts. We are expanding our business in Japan and abroad. We have a track record in various areas such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automobiles, automobile parts, and electronic equipment. We have confidence in our technological power. We handle various types of materials such as ordinary steel and ceramics, including cemented carbides. We can also deal with peripheral hexahedron processing with 0.2 micron processing accuracy by using plane grinding machines. We can also support requests for mirror surface processing with grinding LAP processing accuracy of 1micron or less and surface roughness of 0.1 S. We have assigned global human resources who can support business in Japan and abroad. We are planning to expand our overseas business.

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Professional ultra-precision processing
Punches and dies used for processes of trimming and forming, which are processes for semiconductors for products of punches and dies, are our flagship products.  
We have a good reputation from manufacturers in Japan and overseas. Using about 2,000 diamond grinding wheels, we have achieved a lead pitch of 0.4 mm and processing accuracy of ±1 micron even in the case of processing of multiple parts at the same time.
With respect to “products that are processed by a wire electrical discharge machine” (carbide, steel, and conductive ceramic), we can process them for a short time because the amounts of portions to be machined are small regardless of hardness of workpieces. 
We can receive orders that need taper processing and optional upper and lower shapes by freely tilting a wire.  
We can also perform minute processing for the minimum corner radius of 0.03 by changing the diameter of a wire to ⌀0.05.  
We can perform processing whose processing accuracy is about ±0.001 and surface roughness is 0.5 s, which is similar to mirror finishing.
“Mirror finishing”
We can perform mirror finishing for almost all types of workpieces by appropriately selecting a machine and grinding wheel for the workpieces. We can achieve polishing and lapping whose accuracy is within 1 micron and surface roughness is 0.1 s. With respect to hand finishing, we achieve surface roughness of 0.1 s or less by using high-quality diamond slurry.

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Exhibition History    Information
SEMICON JAPAN held in TOKYO BIG SIGHT from Dec 14 to Dec 16, 2016. 
A large exhibition held in TOKYO BIG SIGHT from Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2016. 
A large exhibition held in MARINMESSE FUKUOKA from Oct 26 to Oct 28, 2016. 
Oita Craftsmanship Kingdom Exhibition  February 25 to 26, 2015 
Daihatsu Kyushu for Oita Prefecture Enterprise Business Promotion  March 23, 2015.

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