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We also support submicron-order ultra-precision machining.

Our company manufactures and sells precision molds and precision molded parts. We have an integrated production system from machining to assembly. We possess a great variety of equipment and have experience from high-mix low-volume production to single-piece production according to customer needs. We also have a track record in machining difficult-to-process materials, such as carbide, special steel, ceramic, tungsten, and molybdenum. This is done by making the most of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated since our foundation in 1967. We also manufacture multi-pore (diameter 0.1) nozzles and support submicron-order ultra-precision machining (1/10,000 mm).

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Sales Pitch

Manufacturing technology for precision mold parts
Regular tetrahedrons each side of which is 0.3 mm
We have manufactured regular tetrahedrons each side of which is 0.3 mm. 
Although extremely large-sized parts are not our specialty, we excel in the processing of extremely small parts that are less than the size of a palm.
Three-dimensional electrodes for which deburring is not necessary
We manufacture three-dimensional electrodes by a machining center. 
We can also manufacture parts with complex shapes.
Superfine round pin of ⌀0.025
We have manufactured superfine round pins of about ⌀0.025, the effective length of which is 5 mm. 
These pins are samples and not for specific purposes. We are also waiting for orders for punching of extremely small round holes.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have four kinds of in-house resources as our advantages.
(1) Human resources: We have many skilled workers for each manufacturing process, such as molding, for integrated production from part machining to assembly.
(2) Physical resources: We possess cutting-edge equipment and accept orders for various products.
(3) Quality management: We have a unique management system that incorporates IT, and which is based on our wealth of measuring equipment as well as our machining equipment. We can provide highly reliable product quality under this system.
(4) Quick turnaround: Since our foundation we have been committed to high-mix low-volume production and quick turnarounds. We can also provide progress notifications for each process at the customer’s request.
Our company also focuses on environmental issues, which manufacturing industries are now expected to consider. We feel proud of our compliance with ISO 140001 and also the RoHS and WEEE Directives as one of our advantages.

[Business description]
Our mainline business is to manufacture and sell precision molds, precision molded parts, and functional parts for automatic machines. Since our foundation we have been accumulating ultra-precision machining and micromachining technologies through transactions with customers. We make use of these technologies to manufacture products that meet even requests for high-mix low-volume production (even single pieces) and provide satisfactory quality and reliable deliveries. Customer requests are becoming more diverse and making higher technologies necessary year by year. We constantly update our equipment and implement new technologies in order to be a factory that provides high customer satisfaction.

Precision mold and molded part manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
A wealth of technologies and accumulated know-how are necessary for manufacturing high-quality ultra-precision molds and parts. Our company provides very difficult products made of many materials, such as carbide, special steel, ceramics, tungsten, and molybdenum. We can manufacture multi-pore (diameter 0.1) nozzles and support submicron-order ultra-precision machining (1/10,000 mm). This is because we have accumulated processing and manufacturing technologies from design to assembly based on our many years of experience.

[Representative's message]
Our main customers to date are engaged in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related businesses. We have recently been participating in exhibitions three times a year to provide our precision machining technologies to customers in different lines of business and extend our sales network. We anticipate further expansion of our sales network by using J-GoodTech. We will consider overseas support if we can attract potential overseas customers through the English version.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales department (five staff members) handles inquiries from both domestic Japanese and overseas customers. All of our relevant staff members gather to think out a solution when we receive an inquiry about a technical issue, and return a response to the customer. We organize a project team as required for sincere support if the issue is judged to be difficult to solve. Our existing customers have sounded us out with regard to overseas expansion, but for the time being, we intend to provide Monozukuri craftsmanship in Japan after conducting a field survey. (We welcome orders for the export of products manufactured on consignment.)

[Awards and media coverage]
Our in-house on-machine measuring instrument was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a subsidy project to support SME and small-scale business operators with trial manufacturing and development (2014).

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd., "Mold and Die Technology" (monthly journal).

Fukuoka Prefecture Management Innovation Project approval (April 25, 2011).
ISO 9001 (2002) and ISO 140001 (2005) certification.

[Joint research and development]
On-Machine Measuring Instrument (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3186406).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We provide mold sets, molded parts, and automatic machine parts to semiconductor-related manufacturers and carbide material manufacturers.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Processing on consignment from local Japanese companies.

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