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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:05:49

Itech Co., Ltd.

We are an R&D oriented company that makes use of high-temperature and high-pressure technologies. 

We are an R&D-oriented technology company that is engaged in developing materials and systems that mainly make use of high-temperature and high-pressure technologies. We put aqueous/organic solvents into a supercritical state to create nanoparticles of metals and ceramics. We offer these particles to the fields of automobiles, cosmetics, optics, and coating as a new material, with the aim of further expanding our business. We also develop and manufacture supercritical hydrothermal nanoparticle synthesis systems, supercritical CO2 extraction systems, and CO2 cleaning systems. We have another line of business in manufacturing and selling original carbon materials that excel in heat and electricity conduction. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company possesses high-temperature and high-pressure technologies for putting water/organic solvent into a supercritical state to create nanoparticles of metal and ceramics. We also possess technology for extracting active ingredients with supercritical CO2, and anhydrous cleaning technology. The nanoparticles obtained with the supercritical method can then be used to develop new materials for automobiles, cosmetics, optics, coating, and various other fields. Our company has the ability to handle a wide range of operations, from R&D to mass production equipment. 

[Business description]
Our company engages in technology development including supercritical fluid and heat technology through high-temperature and high-pressure technologies. We offer supercritical hydrothermal nanoparticle synthesis systems, supercritical CO2 extraction systems, Dry Snow CO2 cleaning systems, organic/inorganic hybrid nanoparticles, and iGurafen carbon materials that excel in heat and electrical conduction. We develop, manufacture, and sell manufacturing systems and advanced materials in the field of supercritical technology. 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our supercritical hydrothermal synthesis system can be used either in research or industrial settings. This is because it manufactures nanoparticles, and enables serial reactions and collection, which had been difficult with conventional methods. Our supercritical CO2 device does not require organic solvent, but it permits extraction of active ingredients at low temperature, as well as other processes such as drying, dyeing, and plating. Our Dry Snow carbon acid gas cleaning systems require no water, and effectively clean precision parts. Organic/inorganic hybrid nanoparticles have enhanced affinity with resin and solvent, and can be recharged at a high level, which enhances functionality compared to conventional materials. Our new carbon material iGurafen enhances heat and electrical conduction when added to resin, paper, rubber, adhesives, or grease. 

[Representative's message]
Our company has been striving to become a one-of-a-kind company since its establishment in 1995. We target global niche markets by developing products with original technologies. Our strong point is our high-temperature and high-pressure technology that allows us to manufacture functional nanoparticles and new compound materials as prototypes or mass-produced materials. This involves using supercritical fluid as the reaction field. We aim to become an expert on supercritical systems that can offer solutions to many companies in the world. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our staff have advanced technological insight on our systems/materials, as well as extensive development experience. They will serve our customers as points of contact for major companies and overseas companies to make suggestions and cater to various other needs.

[Awards and media coverage]
The 22nd SMEs’ Excellent New Technology/New Product Award, Award of Excellence (2010); Japan Venture Award 2011, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (2011); Intellectual Property Business Award, Osaka Prefecture, Second Prize (2012).


One patent application pending (Carbon Isotopes, Manufacturing Method, and Molding Material). 

[Joint research and development]
Method for Manufacturing Particles, and Manufacturing Device Using High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water (Japanese Patent No. 3663408); Dry Ice Spraying Device (Japanese Patent No. 3509738).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sumitomo Bakelite (consignment manufacturing of organic modified alumina particles); Denka (production of organic modification BN particle); Sumitomo Riko; Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable; Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry (delivered samples of iGurafen). 

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